Aurum Rx US Domestic UGL Busted by Feds

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    Aurum Rx UGL owners arrested in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. Feds seize large stash of injectable and oral anabolic steroids, labels and pill press.
    Desoto Parish Sheriff's Office
    September 20 at 5:28 PM ·
    Press Release
    September 20, 2018
    Sheriff Jayson Richardson
    DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office

    On September 19, 2018, the Tri-Parish Task Force, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations Unit and D.E.A. out of Shreveport, LA made arrests that ended a lengthy investigation in DeSoto Parish. The investigation led to a search warrant at a home on Percheron Drive in Grand Cane, LA. During the search, agents were able to locate an extensive lab for manufacturing steroids and pills complete with the necessary equipment for mass production. A pill press was located along with many packages and containers sealed and ready for distribution. Overall, this investigation ended an elaborate operation that was making and distributing large quantities of liquid steroids and various types of pills in our area and abroad. Suspects at the address were identified as Kyle Ross Roop (W/M - DOB: 07/29/1987) and Erica Butler Roop (W/F - DOB: 03/15/1987) both of Grand Cane, LA. Both were explained their Miranda Rights and were arrested on the following charges:

    Erica Butler Roop was charged with:
    Possession of Schedule I
    Possession of Schedule III with Intent to Distribute
    Creation or Operation of Clandestine Laboratory
    Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

    The charges involving Kyle Ross Roop are currently pending at this time.

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    'I've never seen anything like that,' DeSoto steroid stash seized by narcotics agents
    Josh Rogers Sep 20, 2018

    Working with the Department of Homeland Security Investigations Unit out of Shreveport, the DEA's Shreveport division, and the Tri-Parish Task Force, the DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office discovered a steroids production lab in the parish.

    "Wow," said Chato Atkins when asked to describe his reaction to finding the lab. "I've never seen a lab, of that size and the steroids that he was producing, I've never seen anything like that in my 20 years of law enforcement."

    Atkins estimated the value of the equipment and drugs to be about $500,000. The investigation is still ongoing and they're not releasing all the names involved, but Kyle and Erica Roop have been arrested in the case.

    Source: 'I've never seen anything like that,' DeSoto steroid stash seized by narcotics agents
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    Homeland security and dea? Wow.
  4. MindlessWork

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    Damn..another one bites the dust thanks to carelessness.
  5. Dr JIM

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    Care-less greed is what brings down most labs
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    he kept composition books with shipping destinations... One more reason to not get domestic. I had made a domestic order once for 10g dbol and the packaging was so shitty I went back with intl but that's still been forever ago I ordered either and still don't feel comfortable.
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    A user log OMG. Domestic of International; the difference is irrelenabt for USERS since its NOT what LE is interested in, or AAS busts would be a daily occurrence.

    And if you or anyone else believes the long arm of the DEA does not extend to foreign lands you are wrong!

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    What was the Schedule I drug?

    Does the NSA help the DEA tap Emails?

    Careless how?
    They could work with KGB-like safety measures, and the Feds would still catch them.
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    My bad as that is what I meant but careless just the same.
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    There is a thread over on ASF about the guy busted being a member there. Still cant pinpoint which member it was.

    Dont know if I should post the link here or not.
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    Why wouldn't you?
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    Hell yes you should!
  13. Jaylito

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    The members name is/was tone
  14. Damnnnn
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    Sorry, wasn't sure about posting links from other boards.
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    Gonna get ugly guys. He snitched on his cousin in Arkansas that was recieving powder packs for him
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    Without telling to much, can u say where that info came from?
  19. Kungfu_0691

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    Never mind, saw it on the news
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    I am still baffled about why so many members are reluctant to post links that can provide useful and helpful information????