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(Aus)Raws seized - what do?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by jimonstrous, May 31, 2019.

  1. jimonstrous

    jimonstrous Junior Member

    Hey all, I'm in Aus and recently dropped >$1000 on raws with a reputable raw supplier in China. I have messaged him on protonmail and have received no supply, however he does offer reshipping as a one time offer.

    I have ordered and successfully received 150g of Test E from the same source and it arrived stealthily and promptly.

    My concern is that if the package was seized the first time (~750g), and it is reshipped with the same methods - it will likely be seized again.

    I also have concerns with the legality of this all. I've been sent a letter stating that they seized goods addressed to my house - so am I know forced to reorder to another address? Will it be flagged if I reorder to the same address? Can I be charged if I reorder and it gets seized a second time?

    How can they prove I have ordered the raws, instead of it being someone randomly ordering them to my address?

    The sentence here can be up to 10yrs imprisonment, so I am looking for advice regarding the Aus laws on these things, how to avoid the reshipment being seized (smaller packages??) And if I need to worry about different addresses/charges?

    Any help is appreciated, also the raw source is a member of this forum but I'm not sure if I should name drop. Thanks guys.
  2. WCL

    WCL Member

    You are ordering large amounts of steroids to your personal address, in Australia? When the penalty can be ten years in jail?

    Give your head a shake mate, what are you thinking?

  3. jimonstrous

    jimonstrous Junior Member

    I was told they only apply penalties on repeat offences because they can't prove someone isn't shipping things unwanted to your address.
  4. Tinytim

    Tinytim Member

    And yet you just admitted you are a repeat offender.... I would never use that address again for thing's like that. Same for brewing supplies.
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  5. LeoTC

    LeoTC Member

    Ask that your next pack be shipped in a Wallaby's pouch.

    Stealth as fuck.

    And if you do get busted, you can dropkick a mother fucker and ride to freedom in it. Raw's in tact.
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  6. jimonstrous

    jimonstrous Junior Member

    Haha that's a grouse mental image m8, any advice on the situation?
  7. LeoTC

    LeoTC Member

    Yeah, order smaller quantities instead of trying to ball like a kingpin. Ship to another address, or make arrangements for a remailer at this point. That's a lot of heat coming into the country.
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  8. jimonstrous

    jimonstrous Junior Member

    I was assuming it wouldn't all be shipped as one 3/4 of a kilo package...I guess that ones on me.
  9. Hitman

    Hitman Junior Member

    Thats a lot of powder to try and stealth no matter who the shipper is . I thought I was pushing the limit with 300 grams lol. I dont buy into the whole flagged address scenario so I wont get into a debate about it but I would say at least get the packs made smaller , use different receiver names ( we all know Auspost will letterbox drop if your not home) , dont get tracking on the parcels . The good thing is , if border control wanted you , you wouldn't be typing this post . Good luck mate.
  10. ohdangit

    ohdangit Junior Member

    Take the loss man, it;s not worth it in AUS.