Autofill PP Bottle tops?

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    Anyone have any experience with these? there a lot cheaper than what am paying for bottle tops atm. Works out to be £5 each and currently am paying £15 each. Just wondering though as I cant see a good description if a hand held vacuum pump can be attached to it and cant see the bit for it on the picture. I know most people use medlab supply but am from the uk and its not worth the shipping charge to use them. these are the ones I am currently using and tbh the only ones I can that will do the job right. Sterile Top Filter Cup Bottle System Vacuum Driven Fast Flow 0.22 PES PVDF NYLON | eBay
    But these are the ones am looking to get if they will work and do the job.

    and all the other ones on ebay seem to be Pes Filters witch again isn't suitable for the job.
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    Havent been on here in a while and was scrolling through and saw no one has answered your question. I currently have some and i like them a lot. They are made of polyprolylene instead of polystyrene so they do not crack at the same low amounts of vacuum that the other bottle top filters do made by autofil. Just make sure you have a glass media bottle as, as far as i know they do not come with media bottles attached. And to clarify I use a brake bleeder vacuum pump by hand .
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