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Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by xcraider37, May 1, 2012.

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    xcraider37 Banned

    Thought I would post this since I don't see many using AXIRON. This is the trandermal T application you put on your under arms. Been on it two month last Blood Test for T was 853. This is using two applications under each arm. My highest on androgel 10g was 454. Free and Bio available were also very good.This stuff is worth a try and believe me a lot easier to put on than the gels.
    Also no smell like Testim, which my wife made fun of me when I applied it, she said I smellled like an old lady. $25.00 a month for one year not too bad, and you don't have to go through your insurance company for that price. Get off the gels and try this stuff.
    One Con is my Estradiol is high but I suspect was high on the gels also, but my endo gave me an AI, so hopefully that will get it down.
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    jayo Junior Member

    When you say $25/month, is that the actual retail price or the price you pay with your insurance?
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    beav7 Junior Member

    Will you have to take the AI forever now or only for a while? Did you endo say anything about this?

    Axiron looks interesting but it doesn't seem to be available outside the US this sucks.
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    jayo Junior Member

    It also dos not sem to be $25/month. Made some calls, more like $300/month?
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    railrider Junior Member

    Its $25/mo with most insurances.
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    xcraider37 Banned

    If you get the coupon from your doctor it is $25.00 per month, and once again since my insurance company does not cover this drug. It is still $25.00 per month with the coupon. I get two bottles per month.

    Not sure about using the AI, I am assuming it will be a lifelong thing to help keep a balance.
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    jayo Junior Member

    May I ask what coupon you are referring to?
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    xcraider37 Banned

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    jayo Junior Member

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    If the prescription is written rigtht one can go up to 120 mgs on it and have 2 year supply for still $25 a month.
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    jayo Junior Member

    is there a way to equate a 120mg dose of this to a 10% compounded test cream?
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    Problem is that this drug uses different carrier then androgel. I have found that from several people I had rotating sites with topicals that there was a significant increase in level by almost 2 x total T levels then just having it on one application site. 120 mgs would be probably about 100mgs of compounded cream ...
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    kaixin101 Junior Member

    I have been on the gel for 5 months and all I can say is wow! My doctor put me on a strict diet and told me to try this. I was hesitant at first but after about a week of use I started to see some serious changes. Sex drive, energy, alertness, and overall performance. I had gained quite a bit of weight, to be exact I was 418 lbs! With diet, exercise, and increasing my test levels I have lost 68 lbs and still dropping. My side effects were a little different from others. My ejaculation increased and my size increased as well. Also I shave my arm pits now to ensure that all the medication is being absorb, and I apply the medication at night after I shower. I also wait about 25 mins before getting dress. I also used the Axiron $25 month coupon,which is still valid now.
    Here is the link:

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