B.M. PHARMACEUTICALS Masten -100 (Drostenolone Propionate 100mg HPLC by Janoshik

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    B.M. PHARMACEUTICALS Masten -100 (Drostenolone Propionate 100mg.png bm mast100a.jpeg bm mast100b.jpeg bm mast100c.jpeg bm mast100d.jpeg
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    Fucking shit with ridiculous price! Thank you very much euroroid.is , you are doing a great job
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    I wouldn't be so confident to believe a test report provided by a source. Then followed up by his gear testing and his own source thread. Something seems fishy here......
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    if you were based in europe, you knew that The brand testing by this source are the most cheap brand , kenwoo, bm and many other cost 12/20 eur/vial from reseller, so how much pay the seller ? 5/10 eur for vials or 10 amps. Is the same thing of genesis tested by anabolic lab project... all people in eu knew that it’s garbage and indeed all lab test was bad.. I would not have believed the tests of this source if all the test was great... honestly
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    Don't you find it odd that the source is testing a products he does not sell?
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    Glad others are reading between the lines here.
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    Only bm pharma he don’t selling now, all others brand tested he reselling them... and after bad lab test he sell off the brand bad. you can look at his web site. Regarding bm, I think that he took some samples for do lab test, before do bulk order. this is a good strategy, so as not to fill the shit warehouse.
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    Not really. I would find it more odd if he was selling them. Lol, they're shit... You'd feel better if he was selling them?
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    So OP! Why are you testing these products? Where you planning on carrying this product?

  11. Dohn joe

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    No he just wants to attempt to discredit other brands that he doesnt sell to try to get business. If you check his test of his own product, it says he dosed a 250mg/ml at 313mg/ml. So not much along the lines of quality.
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    no that is not correct, we wanted to include BM in the assortment, so we have sent sampes.

    to see if the quality is good, but it is not good as you can see.

    I do not understand why everyone just complains, I'm starting to look forward to di tests
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    i like the tests, keep em coming
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    Everyone is complaing because we havent seen you test much of what you sell besides your own over dosed brand. It gives the appearance you are attempting to discredit others while maintaining the products you sell are legit. In all honesty, we would like to see the results for brands you sell and would like to see your own brand properly dosed.

    Im not complaing about the tests, they are very much appreciated here. I would also like to see your gear come back properly though.

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    we will soon post tests from lab4tox, as janosihk test does not believe it here.

    We expect feedback in about 2 weeks with results from lab4tox.

    lab4tox is a recognized laboratory in poland for info only

    Lab4Tox – Laboratorium Badań Toksygologicznych
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    How much lab test from lab4tox on finished product (oil and tablet)?
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    Bro, one moment please, if you watch the euroroid lab test from the beginning, you can see that the majority of the brand tested, he selling they now.

    Kenwoo pharma he sell
    Bioniche pharma he sell
    Virtutis pharma he sell
    Pmp steroids he sell
    Euroroid he sell
    Andro medica he sell
    Alpha Pharma he sell

    Are only 2 or 3 the brand tested that he don’t sell:

    Bm pharma he don’t sell
    Nas pharma he don’t sell
    Baku pharma he don’t sell

    But he told that some brand he took only as samples for do lab test, before put they in stock.
    @Dohn joe maybe now he understand that is better to test brand before Do a bulk order. I don’t know, but I think that this strategy is good, and all the source should test the brand before selling them. do not you agree?
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    I do not understand the question
    do you mean how many tests do we get ... ?? or what pay for a test .. ??

    Thank you
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    Actually, I like the testing, wish all the sources would test gear before they sell it
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    What pay for test from lab4tox. Sorry for bad language
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