B.M. PHARMACEUTICALS Trenbolin - 100 (Tren. Acetate 100mg HPLC by Janoshik

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    B.M. PHARMACEUTICALS Trenbolin - 100 (Tren. Acetate 100mg.png bm tren100a.jpeg bm tren100b.jpeg bm tren100c.jpeg

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  2. How does one of these bathtub brewers "accidentally" get two compounds mixed into a vial that's only supposed to have one compound?

    Answer: They don't.
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    I guess that's how you cut your cost without selling green tren o_O
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    BM pharma "misslabeled" var with oxy and i had my ALT at 2400+ after 3 weeks of orals (thought i was using 60mg of var when i was actually at 300mg oxy daily)

    Interesting brand, i see injectables arent better
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    All that's being done is a simple marketing ploy is being deployed. It's very similar to the radio business and introducing a song to mainstream. It's just normalization. It's not about the aas being tested, its not about the guy selling the aas or paying for the testing. It's about the guy doing the testing. It's a way to normalize jano back into the Meso conversation. It seems all tests are now being done by jano where in the first round of testing that had been posted a few other samples had been tested by other agencies. These outlier testing agencies had been used to deflect any claim that it's a jano issue but it seems like jano is Ops numero uno now
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    yes we also have a properly dosed substance, look at the results of alpha or Virtutis Pharma, PMP Steroids

    I have already written that we test in different labs, in about 2 weeks I get results from lab4tox.

    We also get samples from wholesalers we should test.

    BM we got from the big-handed who wanted to test it, we do not distribute the products of BM

    Thank you

    that you have a problem with jano is well known here, but let's get out there, we are only customers at jano because it is fast at jano and he is cheap, I can show you very much that the tests are made for us the jano legitimate are because we test some things in parallel in other labs.

    it is not a marketing ploy so please do not make us bad, that is not correct

    Thank you
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    Here you have a direct comparison with HPLC and GC / MS

    Bioniche Pharma Trena-Med A (trenbolone acetate) 100 mg

    Bioniche Pharma Trena-Med A (trenbolone acetate) 100 mg.jpeg Bioniche Pharma Trena-Med A (trenbolone acetate) 100 mg-1.jpg
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    How about you start a source thread and never leave it? You know, considering that you are a source and you're not allowed to be dropping thread after thread on meso.

    Go to the underground section. That's where your thread belongs. Not sure if you know this but you have been breaking forum rules. I could be a giant asshole about this but I'm reserving that plan of action in case you decide to continue to start thread after thread.
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    sorry I did not know, I thought the people here are happy if they know what to buy, better if they know what they inject.

    If I have broken the rules rules then you can lock me or report.

    I'm not in dispute, I as a seller annoyed myself about the fact that today's ulab produce a lot of crap, because the customers complain about the products with us are not ok.

    Thank you
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    You're not in trouble at all. The website only allows a source to have one thread, simple as that. Start a thread in The underground and post your results there. You can always post a picture of the product in the media section and attach the results to it. I do not think sources have media restrictions
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    aha ok, I understand so I may post the lab results only in the steroid Underground in its own thread correctly .. ??

    and here only lab results from anaboliclab.com may be posted .. ??

    or are you not allowed to post any lab reports from janoshik here ??

    may I post here lab reports of simec and lab4tox these are state-approved laboratories .. ??

    Thank you
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    You can post test results from any testing agency you want to, jano included. Meso doesn't censor what is posted even if it is unpopular.
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    I wrote you a PN

    Thank you
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    Bm pharma Is a fake Indian brand, in reality is produced in eu, the reseller (or the producer) of this brand is topmedex.eu, famous producer and reseller of underdosed , fake and shit gear.
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    That's enough research for me. BM pharma is bunk! It's obvious that they're using the the same AP boxes. Why not make it right and charge more? I'd pay.
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    As you can see from this reports
    the Lab4Tox test (Feb 2018) precedes the first Janoshik "test" (March 2018).
    Then he realizes he didn't type the Test prop
    and issues another report in May 2018 with both tren and prop.
  19. Is this the same guy that admitted to being investigated, then told people with open orders they're shit out of luck and to clean house because they kept records?

    If so, kindly drop dead.
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    but you have published the tests of 2 different brands, bioniche and BM. it is obvious that the results are different.I think you have a lot of confusion in your brain.