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    So last year I was trying my fucking hardest to do a national qualifier and I was just about there!!! Diet good, training good, home life good, and every fuccn thing falling in place and weighing 197 low body fat around 9-10 percent!!! At 5’4”

    Well a god damn promotion at work happened and a baby and home life fell somewhat apart and then it cascaded with my diet!!! I kept working out god damn hard as I could! But, even with all the support and the coaches that volunteered their time and expertise to help ol Mighty Mouse out. I failed them! Who is to blame? ME!

    I’m going to get back on track. Back to my roots! Lifting hard and heavy! Lifting insane and non stop!

    Pulled baseline bloods 2 days ago and currently for the past I can’t remember how long been running 250- 275mg of test cyp 25mg provi and adex.

    So now, I’m running some Opti to see how my body likes it and if I get some good numbers back from my blood I will start it all over again to my 20 week prep.

    I will be starting back my diet! God damn 3lb of fucking meat a day again.

    We shall see where this takes me hopefully to a stage where everyone is taller but I am bigger.

    Here are my starting pics

    Keep in mind I haven’t blasted in 3 yrs or so so I know I let myself go but IDGAF that’s what y’all guys are for need that honest criticism to help my physique!
    576707995.114590public.jpg 576708011.931245public.jpg
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    Best of luck on the comeback brother. Sub’d for results.
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    Here's my honest opinion based on life experience. Drop everything except for keeping fit and healthy and use all that time and energy on your kid. I was able to do that and pick and choose my jobs for the first 3 years of my son's life and I don't regret it a bit. I'm just saying. Priorities.
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    this X1000, Raising a kid right is one of the most important things in life you can do. Mine are in their 20's now, and I smile everytime I realize how great they turned out
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    You're not far away from contest condition. A solid 6 months and you'll be ready I would say. You mentioned you're going to get on growth hormone, how many units are you going to use and are you going AM or PM?
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    Running 5 iu am for the first week then splitting 2.5 am 2.5 3pm

    Blood pulled 6 weeks in to adjust depending on outcome

    Reconstructing opti’s at 10iu

    On 3rd day
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    Man I feel ya! That is honest and great advice.

    Only thing is and this might sound shitty of me but, I don’t want to pick and choose jobs. I got in on the ground floor with my current employer. I was the first hired employee beside the owner, president, and VP. Now we employe around 1600 people.

    On top of that it’s in the oil patch and I work ungodly amount of hours. But, I love the fact my wife can be a stay at home mom with no worries and not have others raise our kids.
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    Good luck man. Keep it up and make it happen.

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    That mask is gonna me give nightmares.
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  10. This. Creepy as hell, I gotta get one of those for Halloween
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    Love the mask it comes in handy sometimes!! Here is a old ass vid I made riding around talking.

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    Pre bloods came back in
    If anybody has any idea my my IGF baseline is so high or what other test I need to take chime in

    Been off growth for over 3 months maybe 4

    I’m calling the test closer to 275-300mg a week pinning. But those numbers are pretty close to what I pull on these schedule so test is good for me

    Pulled blood 2 days after last pin

    577068204.451658public.jpg 577068213.935791public.jpg
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    284 is an awesome number, doesn't sound like you really need to supplement with growth hormone for a few more years. Wish my numbers were that good.
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    That’s 12.5 asin not adex btw lol
  15. Mighty-mouse

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    Man it just seems real high for a baseline from what I seen others test
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    Giving an update

    Pumps are better
    Sleep is better
    Having the pain in legs (I get this with hgh)
    Tight fingers

    Going to keep it at 5iu still and not going to add any compound (npp) until I get my next igf numbers. 5 weeks out

    Communication with Opti after sale is still great. He has answered a few questions for me and responded pretty quick.

    Waiting on my reup on T4 from the pharmacist, who always comes through in a pinch!
    I fucking lost my T4 and can’t seem to find it for the god damn life of me....... but using my wife’s T4 meds while I wait. She is a sport! Although hers is a lot easier to dose T 150mcg a day because her pills are 75mcg’s
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    Welp it’s Friday might as well flex on em
    577398012.142842public.jpg 577397997.126764public.jpg 577397985.015977public.jpg
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    Gym completed so now it’s prep day

    Already prepped chicken but today I will be prepping 90/10 hamburger meat and lean angus sirloin. 1inch thick

    577491484.596943public.jpg 577491476.420865public.jpg

    We bout to eat some mutha fuccn meat
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    So change of plans on testing. It is for the better IMO. So I’m 2 weeks and 2 days in on them I believe and I’m running 5 iu morning. I will be pulling bloods again tomorrow 2 week 3 days in and then again a week after. Up to the six week mark. To chart the IGF. Then start the split dose and continue to pull IGF numbers to see the changes this will do.

    Then after I have done testing on optis I will switch over to pharma grade Omnitrope and run 2.5 to 3iu a day morning dosage. I will find out exactly the dose before I start that test.

    I will map that starting 2 weeks and continue to 6 weeks as well to notice the changes from optis and omnitrope . I figure every 3 test will be a full body panel to monitor everything during this. Just hope my work schedule will allow me the time for all this blood work but that shouldn’t be an issue.
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    Same here bro
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