Back at it with a recomp.

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  1. TorroXL

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    Got coaching this time. This is my first blast in a while. Gonna run 12 weeks. My goal is do recomp and be ready do compete in masters in 2019...

    part 1


    2ml sust a week 500mg week


    100mg test prop 1ml mon,wed,fri 300mg week


    200mg npp 2ml mon,wed,fri 600mg week

    tren base preworkout any time*weeks 1-6 only

    Weeks 7-12 will be very cool. I.promice that.

    Currents pics from this week 20180712_014033.jpeg 20180714_141723.jpeg
  2. Ripped

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    Get after it then Tank and keep your head up and mind right.
  3. TorroXL

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    Today i.pinned sust, npp and test prop.
    Very excited for this first 6 weeks. Also, will have help training from @wedorecover
    Moral support and someone to kick me in my arse. I will do same for him for his bulk nasty.

    The Bull
  4. TorroXL

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    I'm focused
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  5. wedorecover

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    I started my bulk today i def need tank nasty around dude is always gym drivin
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  6. TorroXL

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  7. TorroXL

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    You start your log here? Oh ya, I bring intensity to that muthafucka
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  8. Rockclimber

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    Your starting really lean, should blow the fuck up nicely brother.
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  9. TorroXL

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    While we're on the subject, this is what most of my meals look like. It's a rather crude approach, but very effective

    Can't forget the doctor thunder;) 20180716_233538.jpeg
  10. legendary

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    Get it!
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  11. Logan44551

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    Fuck yeah, subbed for sure. Get some buddy!
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  12. ickyrica

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    Personally I think this is a bad idea. I'm in no way telling you what to do but if I was in your shoes I would be working on fundamentals prior to being concerned with gym extracurricular activities.

    I know you're going to do what you do tank so I do wish you the best but don't lie to yourself. If you need to back up a few steps and readjust your approach to healing, do it.

    No shame in taking time to heal.
  13. TorroXL

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    Ty icky.
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  14. wedorecover

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  15. TorroXL

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    This morning progress pic. I got lots of work ahead of me. Figured I'd throw this UA in for my boi @ickyrica

    I also wanna add therapy and attending NA meetings regularly is another part of my program. It's actually the main part. 20180717_113305.jpeg 20180717_105251.jpeg
  16. TorroXL

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    Late nite training sesh. I hit a NA meeting then carbed da fuq up late nite for a sesh.
    Very discouraged I lost so much. I really am disappointed in myself. I'm gonna work my ass off. I also hit the gym with @wedorecover to spot him while he trains heavy. Must be nice having a spot;)
    So I was in the gym 3 different times at 2 different gym today. Am i a gymrat? 20180718_011355.jpeg
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  17. wedorecover

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    Ty man im gonna need a spot for this bulk shits getting real now if i could just eat all the food
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  18. TorroXL

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    You know bull got you,
  19. TorroXL

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    Weight is up like a mofo. A month ago I was only 180 lbs. muscle memory is very real. I wanna add that it’s not just drugs and genetics. I work my fuckn ass off 15 days straight most of the time, then take a day off.
  20. TorroXL

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    Been hella busy working. Update on my log. 214 lbs IMG_0309.JPG
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