Back cramps!

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by Longevity, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. Longevity

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    I've heard of people who get painful pumps when working back but I don't think what I'm experiencing are the same thing. Over the past few weeks whenever I begin training chest I immediately begin feeling a cramping sensation starting fairly low down on my back. Once I rack the weight and there is no tension is when the cramp travels thru out my entire back. When it is at its peak the pain is incredible and I can't draw a breath for about twenty seconds until it starts to ease up. It also gets going when doing any type of lat pulldown. Rowing movements don't seem to cause the cramps , not much anyway.
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    Taurine, electrolyte supplement and plenty of hydration.
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  3. Longevity

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    The funny thing is I haven't changed anything or done anything really different. I'm always hydrated cause I sweat alot here so I pay strict attention to hydration.

    I'm thinking maybe the way I am sleeping. Have been sleeping on my back where I used to sleep on stomach.

    Oops, I created two threads. How do I get rid of the other one?
  4. You can ask Millard Baker to get.rid of it,
    That's about it.

    As for the cramps/pumps...

    What @Eman said

    A great source for hydration is pedialyte,
    Works for me
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    There is a pretty cheap electrolyte supplement called Hydrate by MuscleFeast. I bought it over the summer for the first time and take it daily, it had a noticeable effect for me. I'm a believer in it.

    It's a pretty scientifically backed supplement brand. You'll see them at the top of the lists on labdoor. I forget the one owners name but he's a doctor that John Meadows references pretty frequently. The protein is high quality but it's not going to win any taste awards... The unflavored EAA powder is potent and tastes horrid, haven't found a drink mix that makes it easier to sip on.
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    I'm thinking that this may have something to do with the amount of walking I do on a daily basis at work. I do floor maintenance at two grocery stores and put in 5 miles a day five times a week. My feet have been hurting for awhile now at the end of the day. Maybe since I have been wearing basic Nike tennis shoes without any inserts the constant walking has done something?

    I don't know man. I can destroy all body parts except for chest and back width. I'm
  7. Longevity

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    I'm pissed cause I'm 16 days into my cycle. Can't fuckin believe this shit. Been waiting 18 yrs for this and have been injury free forever. Sssshhhiitt!!
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    It’s the AAS. Happens to most, if not all, of us on cycle. Taurine is your best bet. 4-6g pre/Intra workout.
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    Taurine does help. Another thing that helps is taking an electrolyte supplement. Electrolyte imbalances or magnesium deficiencies can also cause muscle cramping.

    I use one called Nature's Bounty Magnesium plus electrolytes. It's good and pretty cheap.
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    Taurine at 5 g's its will fix it. Start at 1-2 g 2x a day, work your way up to 4-5 g pre workout or you wil get diarhea if you go straight to 5 gs.
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    I get a stiff lower back every time I run orals. It starts off as nothing and It usually gets real bad weeks 4-5. It’s not even pumps though, It’s stiff all day and night, old man stiff! Lol I grunt when I bend over or get out of a chair.

    Bent over rows and deadlifts are not fun and taurine doesn’t do much for me. I drink over 2 gallons of water, 3-5 g taurine and a couples bananas.

    It gets better as soon as I drop the orals.