Back workouts and forearm pump

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Spokeonawheel, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Spokeonawheel

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    I seem to be getting a lot of forearm work on my back days. So much so that is affecting how much work my back is getting. The strain in my forearms is disrupting "feeling" my back work.

    Some of it may be exercise selection and the amount of super sets and circuit work I'm doing. Some of it is probably pump from gear.

    May try straps to work around this. Even though, in general I wouldnt do this.

  2. johntt44

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    Check out Versa grips. Theyre easier to use than straps.
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  3. Switcher

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    If there are permanent muscular or skeletal limitations/reasons to use equipment, go for it. Otherwise, try to let the muscles, bone, ligaments, and tendons develop to handle the stress. It may be painful in the near term but, long term, there is great benefit.
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  4. Spokeonawheel

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    I've been trying to build forearm strength...pretty pleased with the development of the muscles themselves. On some lifts though, my back can out lift my hands. Dumbbell rows 130 and over I lose grip strength before my back is done.

    Let them develoo is a good point.

    I've been lifting for years and years and I've never used straps.

    I think my current problem is.more gear related. The forearm pump is.....just a bit much rt now. Cycle is actually over just long esters lingering.

    That is for input guys
  5. johntt44

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    I dont use straps. I hook my fingers around the bar but dont squeeze hard. My forearms dont pump up that way.
  6. Sworder

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    I can't do back day without straps, I might get some Versa grips.

    I have found one of the versa grips, can't find the other one at my house.
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  7. gr8whitetrukker

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    Versa straps and heres why...
    For many working the complex muscle configuration of the back is an issue. Many ppl struggle to contract properly. The straps can allow you to stop "hooking" the damn apparatus whether it be a dumbbell, barbell or cable attachment. Hooking inevitably brings alot of bicep and forearm work in to the picture. From purely a BB perspective the very best execution of an exercise is one that specifically targets the working muscle. Because its the execution of a contraction that matters in this sport. And if your not dealing with grade A genetics proper execution is paramount for continued gains. Only then does progressive overload actually mean anything. Proper back contractions WILL dictate a much shorter work load. Both in duration(reps, sets) and time. It will be painful as hell quite honestly.

    The straps allow me to not have to squeeze and bring the biceps and forearms in too much and focus more on the radius of the movement that all back work revolves around. Rarely is back work done in a straight line. Remember that...and thats why straps are key.
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  8. Spokeonawheel

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    Will invest in some versa grips.

    Have had some success last week just focusing on not gripping overly tight just from being hyped or going heavy. Consciously being aware that I grip too tightly.... kept more focus on contracting back muscles.

    Also thanks for responses guys
  9. Sworder

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    Focus on bringing your elbows back, don't pull with your hands.