Bacteriostatic Water

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    The worlds dumbest problem. I have HGH in preparation for a surgery and the last thing I thought I needed to worry about was getting my hands on bacteriostatic water. Oh how wrong I was. Apparently there is some national backorder on it. Does anyone have any recommendations of finding some domestic at this point in time???
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    Read around and you will find some
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    Make your own. It's easy
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    I would hit up Picholas he's very well respected
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    Although BSW is preferred (BSW is sterile saline with BA added as a preservative) it’s perfectly reasonable to substitute STERILE saline keep it refrigerated and try to use it wi
    7-10 days.

    You could also limit bacterial contamination, and diminishes the need for BA, by limiting the number of vial punctures.
  7. You can find some on eBay. Pretty pricey last I checked in September, anywhere from $25-$40 for a 30ml vial with the added risk of getting a vial of sterile water instead from people of duplicitous character which is why it’s best to stick to sellers with high ratings from multiple buyers.
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    My thoughts Exactly. Kind of like if a GH Kit comes with Sterile Water, but they scramble around for BAC Water. SMH
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    mountainside medical bout to have it in a week.2 for 26 i think or 1 bottle for 15.
  10. You can still get the little saline bottles I think which are cheaper and BA is like 4$ for 100ml.

    Now let’s see if the dots can be connected
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    I want to emphasize the fact BSW is the
    preferred medium for almost all water soluble parenteral drugs including HGH and hcg, esp if the agents are dispensed from a multi-dose vial.
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    Keep looking it’s everywhere!
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    Clearly Understood. I just use what comes with the kit, and dose it the way I want regardless of the state of the Water.
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    They’ve been saying that for weeks.
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