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    I've been using 6i.u. of growth per day for a couple months now and the sides are really starting to interfere with my daily life. I'd like to start off by saying I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. When I first started using I had a horrible overall feeling of fatigue and drowsiness(very flu-like), which was to be expected. It got to the point where I was sleeping almost all day and had to actually set alarms in order to get all my meals and training in. I also had severe joint and bone pain(yes, my bones actually hurt). After a few weeks these sides went away for the most part(although I still sleep more than I normally would). From the beginning, I was also experiencing adema in my hands and feet, but within the past few weeks the adema has been accompanied by severe numbness(primarily in my left hand). This is not the typical numbness you get when a limb simply falls asleep. It's much more intense and feels like my skin is splitting. It's gotten to the point that the pain actually wakes me up in the middle of the night and won't allow me to go back to sleep. I was wondering if any other members have experienced similar sides and what they did to help manage them? I'm especially interested in what Solo and Dr. Scally have to say on the matter. I would love to know what's physiologically causing it as well as how to treat it. Also, I apologize for the length of this post.
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    I am not educated when it comes ot HGH, but this link may help out to a degree:
    Hgh Injections And Its Bothering Side Effects
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    Thanks for the link bigrobbie. It says that my symptoms are typical but unfortunately it doesn't say how to treat them. Anyone else have any input? I can't be the only one on the forum using GH?
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    You betcha!!! These are typical side-effects with hGH use. In fact, the joint and muscle pain is almost a sure bet with a dose of 6 IU (2 MG) per day. The edema is not what one would call "typical" edema as most diuretics do not easily fix the problem. I have had many people complain of sleeping difficulty due to the hand edema. It can even mask as carpal tunnel syndrome. Usually, a decrease in the dosage will help with the side-effects. [Can you believe the hGH studies in HIV use 6 MG (18 IU)?]

    If you email me at, I will set the message as a reminder for articles on these effects.
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    Meathead, you lucky bastard, you really lucked out on getting some decent hGH. My last two batches of generic blues (so-called Kefei) were so underdosed I could do 10 iu a day w/o a problem.

    But, of course, I had been on GH for years and generally think it's an absolute necessity for the older bodybuilder (in so many ways). Nothing like it to retain gains between cycles either. So I don't have to go through those agonizing months of adjustment. When I began, I had welts like giant bee stings, was in drowsy daze most of the day, and my joints felt like they were lubed with sand. All of it cleared up as my body adjusted.

    But, as Doc Scally says, it's a lot easier to get used to GH by introducing your body to it a bit at a time. Start at 2 iu ED (7/7), once a day should be enough, best taken during the night when you awake for a piss but I don't think before bedtime is all that bad if you're over 40. You'll sleep anyway. As negative sides dissipate, slowly increase your daily dose by 1 iu for at least a few weeks. Since you apparently have top-notch product, 4 or 5 iu ED may be all you need for leaning and endurance factors. If you want to actually build muscle tissue from GH alone, then you could go up into the more dangerous zone of 6-8 iu ED, but with AAS that should be unnecessary.

    And never apologize for the length of your posts. Most one or two sentence grunts give too little information to bother responding to.

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    Email sent Dr. Scally:D
    I may eventually lower my dosage, but the sides are not yet to the point where I can no longer physically tolerate them. They are just rather uncomfortable. Should I expect the numbness and edema to eventually decrease over time? I cannot possibly imagine the side effects that 18i.u. would bring.

    And Solo you're right. I'm very lucky to have such a reliable source. He's never done me wrong and that's why I stick with him. I also had the "bee sting-like" welts you described early into my administration, but strangely they went away on there own within a few weeks of use. My primary goal for using the hGH is hyperplasia(although the additional leanness is definitely a plus). My greatest concern with long term use is potential gastrointestinal growth(although at my dosage it's probably more paranoia than actual cause for concern). Have you noticed any thickening of your midsection after years of continuous use?

    Thanks again to you both for taking the time to respond:)
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    I would lower your dose for sure. I was only doing 4ius a day 15 months ago( I am still on today but only at 2 ius a day). I was where you were and kept going anyway. My hands got so bad that I was wearing braces on them when I slept. It got so bad i couldn't type at work. I ended up getting off for 2 weeks and starting back at 2 ius a day. Even doing that it took 2 months for the sides to go totally away. Don't screw yourself. Lower the dose for a while. Listen to your body.
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    Can't be sure since my midsection seems to fluctuate on its own.;)

    GH tends to make all organs grow a small bit, but I'd say it's very unlikely you'd get any form of extreme unnatural growth to your gut ("GH gut") from the small amounts you're using. Pros use 8 iu and well beyond that per day. That's just asking for strange sides. If your forehead disappears & your brows grow, you're devolving!:eek:

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    Hyperplasia only occurs in the +6i.u. range so lowering my dosage isn't really an option. As long as I can write my name and grip a barbell i'll be fine. Like I said, the sides are bad but tolerable. Unfortunately, you've gotta pay to play:(
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    From everything I've read it seems that G.I. growth is mainly caused by igf administration. This is probably because there are more igf receptors in the intestines than in the actual muscles themselves. I've only used the stuff once(but loved it) so I should be alright. I'm still keeping an eye on it like hawk though[:eek:)]
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    My delts & pecs were never more striated than when running GH at only 5 iu ED, and my abs even showed some veins. I believe this to be related to sarcomere hyperplasia, so you may not need as much as some experts claim.

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    I was under the impression that sarcomere/myofibril hypertrophy only pertained to strength gains and NOT visible gains?
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    You appear to be talking hypertrophy, an increase in muscle cell size. Hyperplasia is an actual increase in the number of muscle cells. I don't think GH hyperplasia is accepted as a scientific fact, as yet.

    From Wikipedia:

    "In addition to increasing height in children and adolescents, growth hormone has many other effects on the body:

    Increases calcium retention, and strengthens and increases the mineralization of bone
    Increases muscle mass through sarcomere hyperplasia
    Promotes lipolysis
    Increases protein synthesis
    Stimulates the growth of all internal organs excluding the brain
    Plays a role in fuel homeostasis
    Reduces liver uptake of glucose
    Promotes gluconeogenesis in the liver[22]
    Contributes to the maintenance and function of pancreatic islets
    Stimulates the immune system"

    Sarcomere hyperplasia is said to actually increase the number of muscle fibers thus leading to that striated look so beloved of bodybuilders.

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    I had never had problems with my hands before using gh but i had the same problems as you after only using gh at 4 units a day .the reason was exactly the same as yours except the flu like symptoms werent as bad as the numbness i got in my hands.i got severe carpal tunnel syndrome and ended up having to take 6 months off at work to help repair the had gotten so bad after using the one kit that i could not even write a grocery list and would wake up several times in the night in alot of pain.surgeons wanted to operate but i declined.i did learn how to deal with it,one way was to sleep with my hands unclenched and my arms always did take a long time to get used to it but it helped alot better than the braces and the 6 weeks of recovery afer surgery plus the 6 months of taking it easy and not working.
    Personally in my opinion,its alot like winstrol and your hair.if your family is succeptable to hair loss then your taking a chance and probably going to lose your hair alot sooner if your taking something like winstrol.
    For me thats how the gh affected me.people in my immediate family have all had operations on their hands to fix their carpal and i speeded it up by using the gh.its fine now,no operations ,it did take along time but its fine now.
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    Thanks again to everyone that has responded. Medistar that was a rather alarming post. My family has no history of carpal tunnel syndrome but i'm still worried. I can actually hear the bones in my hands popping and cracking occasionally. As for the numbness, I also noticed that straightening my arms and relaxing my palms to be an effective way to bring feeling back into them. Its getting easier to deal with but its still a huge annoyance.
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    I didnt have any popping or cracking going on with my hands but if i squeezed my hands tight for a few seconds in a fist and tried to open my hand it would not open smothly.more like a popping open and catching almost like the tendons were being squeezed and let go then squeezed and the let go.from what i was told,the tunnel was squeezing the tendons and nerves not letting anything through properly. my hand would literally jerk open and get caught again,it was not a nice feeling.

    I dont mean to scare you,like i mentioned,i was probably due for it,i ride sportbike,go to the gym and am an artist at trade so my hands are always being used.