Bad sleep on hgh

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    Everyone talks about great sleep on hgh. Though for me it’s been the opposite so far. I’ve been running 4-5iu of hgh for about three months now and my biggest issue is cts which I know is a normal side. I dose first thing in the morning and pre workout. I usually sleep on my side flipping sides on and off all night. It feels like when I am on my side and I put weight on my shoulder/delts it cuts off blood or something and my hands and arm go numb and seems worse on days I work out and feel pumped. It’s annoying me enough that I have to sit or stand up 4-5 times a night. Also been having some weird fucking dreams!! Is this common?
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    I’ve never had good sleep on gh nor have I heard feedbacks of good sleeps from anyone using legit hgh above 4iu.

    I usually get 6h of sleep tops with vivid dreams while on hgh, but awkwardly enough I don’t really feel tired either, maybe because it makes you recover so fast
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    I didn’t realize 4iu would cause sleep issues for me. I was hoping for the opposite effect. I just started my blast on the New Year’s Day and I’m thinking it might make it worse. Especially when I start my Var in a few weeks. Orals always give me issues..
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    It’s to be expected with hgh alone.

    I’ve run from 4iu to 10iu per day of hgh by itself, sleep is always the same: disturbed
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    I've never had bad sleep on hGH but it's never been improved for an extended amount of time either... Usually the first two or three weeks it's good.

    I'd cut the dose back... It's going to probably get worse when the AAS kick in.

    It'll also settle down eventually, you just need to build up your tolerance. However, some people never seem to get past the CTS.
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    Thanks for responding man @Eman
    Oh boy last night was another bad night sleep. It always seems worse after training, biceps, shoulders or triceps. Would this happen to have anything to do with bad circulation? I think your right about the gear making it worse, especially when the pumps kick in more! I think I stick with 4iu for now.
    If it does get worse I’ll drop it down to 3iu.
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    I think you'll find it gets better... I hope. It's not circulation so much as it is water pushing on nerves.

    When I added test and nandrolone my ankles and the tops of my feet would jiggle... It was not comfortable. I couldn't even jerk off without my hand falling asleep. But, then it subsided.
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    I hope it’s just temporary water retention.
    Though I don’t feel or look bloated.
    I’ve been running 1mg of adex a week during my cruise along with the GH. I probably could get away with .5mg but I still use hcg.
    I’m hoping 1.5 mg a week will be good for this blast.. Will keeping E2 in check help with the water pressure on the nerves?
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    I had terrible swollen hands, falling asleep at 3 iu, even worse and with dangerous BP at 4 iu. 2iu im fine although slight hand issues and mildly high bp. Were all different, gh affecting ADH is the culprit i think. Im cool with 2 iu tho, less cash and still shredding fat
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    I have this exact same issue, I have never done HGH. It started a couple months ago and I am only on TRT. Working out harder then usual is only thing I have done different last few months. I wake up and find if I pump my hands it gets the blood back to them and the tingle sensation slowly goes away, happens every night. Do you have any updates? Has it got better?
  11. MythotiK

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    I have not noticed a difference either, although my dreams are crazy real
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    The CTS lasted an entire month after discontinuing the hgh, but I was running 4-5iu ed my last run. I’ve been back on for close to 8 weeks at 2.5iu only slight CTS so far.
    So YES it’s gotten better being at a lower dose. I will be starting a blast next month and will also be raising the hgh and adding tren. I’m sure my sleep will be shit again but from the Tren this time. The CTS and insomnia are completely different. I’m guessed I’ll have sides from both this time.
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  13. With the water retention and tissue expansion we all get from HGH it’s likely that some of us are experiencing a worsening and/or onset of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Along with the other tissues of our body our pharynx (throat) can have swelling and geometric changes that cause obstruction at night during sleep that ultimately disturbs our sleep cycles. The bigger we get the more likely this can happen
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    Sleep like a baby on 5iu of Serostim. Stay asleep all night, wake up to alarm clock, and feel refreshed. Vivid dreams, but never wake up until morning.
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    The sleep disturbance HGH has on me seems to be due to its direct effects on the nervous system rather than a secondary effect of water retention in tissues
  16. With ‘nervous system’ are you referring to the central nervous system or peripheral nervous system? Just so I understand what we’re talking about.
  17. Goingstronger

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    The brain
  18. mands

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    Impact of growth hormone on central nervous activity, vigilance, and tiredness after short-term therapy in growth hormone-deficient adults.
    Pavel ME1, Lohmann T, Hahn EG, Hoffmann M.
    Author information

    Impairment of well-being and cognitive function has been reported in growth hormone-deficient adults, as well as an improvement of these parameters after GH substitution, albeit inconsistently. The effect of growth hormone on central nervous activity, vigilance and sleepiness was studied prospectively in 16 growth hormone-deficient adults (7 females, 9 males, mean age: 36.8 yrs) with multiple pituitary hormone deficiencies before and 3 months after the start of growth hormone substitution using two objective methods of measurement, pupillographic sleepiness test and a choice reaction time test. Significant differences were found for neither pupillary unrest index nor for reaction time, false or missing reactions in 12 evaluable patients (7 females, 5 males, mean age 37.8 years). Because of the known interrelationships between growth hormone, sleep and mood, the visual analogue scale for tiredness and standardized retrospective questionnaires regarding sleep and mood (Pittsburgh sleep quality index, Epworth sleepiness scale, Depression scale) were used as additional methods. After GH substitution, there was no difference in sleep efficiency and daytime sleepiness, but some of the subjective sleep parameters (sleep quality and sleep latency) improved significantly. There was a tendency for mood improvement, too. Although results must be interpreted cautiously due to the small sample size, we conclude that the improved sleep and mood parameters might be caused by other indices of general well-being in our study.

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    I started back up about 10 weeks ago. This time I started at 2iu the first 4 weeks and 2.5iu after that. This seems to be the perfect dose for me without any sleep disruption.
    There is a little numbness off and on a few hours after the injection, but not so bad at night. Sleep is good at 2.5iu, but I also smoke weed and take melatonin. Like the article says there are too many other factors in play to support HGH’s connection with sleep.