Bakhar Nabieva, are her eyes real or contacts?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Evom1, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Evom1

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    Pretty sure contacts but I've never seen anything state that for sure.

    And yes, she's mind blowingly hott, but let's focus on her eyes and not her butt for a second Screenshot_20181009-135630_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20181009-135630_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20181009-135612_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20181009-135754_Instagram.jpg
  2. Either an alien hybrid or contact lenses. Most likely an alien hybrid. Seems the most logical choice. :D
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  3. Evom1

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    My thought was Sclera Lenses
  4. MCFC

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    Good God what a freak show! I'm gonna guess she was abused or some shit when she was young though.
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  5. jaymaximus

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    Damn. How am I just now seeing this chick?
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  6. MCFC

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    That's fucking hilarious I was just about to say I wouldn't fuck her with @jaymaximus dick! Seriously though... What do you guys find attractive about her? Her face is cute. Think I like muscle Barbie a lot better lol.
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  7. Evom1

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    How can you look at her ass and legs and not be in awe!!??
  8. I might let her suck my dick but she needs to be fully clothed cause she’s looking quite masculine in the body, some like that, I do not.
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  9. Logan44551

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    Could be tattooed.
  10. i think she's pretty hot. Especially that last pic.
    Smash till one of us taps out!
  11. Evom1

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    Maculine... Wtf? Screenshot_20181009-221103_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20181009-221217_Instagram.jpg
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  12. Just look at them atrophied tits, I don’t mind flat chested girls but this looks like what happens when women take roids, chest atrophies into man like pecks. Even her face is starting to take a rugged masculine look in that last pic. All she has left is an ass which but her legs take away that ass, not sure if they are implants not that it would matter to me.

    In short I prefer women with an estrogenic look to women with an androgenic look. Just my taste, I’m sure she worked hard to attain that body.
  13. tengtren

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    Those are contacts, I'd throw her on some tren and she'd be even better
  14. BigNattyDaddy

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    Is that Gene Simmons' daughter?
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  15. MCFC

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    I am in awe... More of how much of a freak she is rather than being sexy though. She looks like a centaur or Minotaur or whatever their called. That third picture you posted is the main one I'm reddening too. No saying I wouldn't slam her I just wouldn't be able to look at her bottom half without thinking she's a dude lol. I'm not knocking you by any means bro everyone is different and I've seen ALOT worse posted as being sexy. I like me some curves with some huge natty tits lol... Some guys would consider my type FAT...But I can work with ALMOST anything.
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