Baku Paratren Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 100mg HPLC by Simec

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    Baku Paratren Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 100mg.jpeg
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    20180430_122319.jpeg 20180430_122334.jpeg
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    Another shit o_O
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  5. It says that there's no tren in it. Does Simec test to see if there's anything else in there, like Test? Is it just oil?
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    yes, is a german ulab

    yes simec will do it again night, because they could not determine what is included there

    I also like to post the original mail
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  7. so ?
  8. movingiron88

    movingiron88 Member I will say at first you were shady coming to this board with all of Janos tests and then creating an intro thread. But, I am liking and appreciating all the various lab tests you are doing. I apologize for my actions.
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    ny feelings are that he's the first source who came here with testing ahead of time, and sets a new expectation for all the sources. Hopefully it catches on, because I'm seeing more and more sources actually going in the opposite direction, and too many members concentrating on things like tracking numbers
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    I completely agree, at first I was suspect for several reasons but it appears it may be genuine. It would be great for a source to set the new standard for these labs.
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    I thank you
    We have currently, some samples sent to Lab4Tox for analysis, as soon as I get the results I post them in the steroid Underground, because I can only post there, so it was told me.

    Thank you
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    Can you post lab tests only in your thread in the section steroid underground? I think it would be right to post the tests also here, so they have more visibility.
  13. i don't see why you can't post them in your source thread and the lab testing sub forum. i mean, isn't that what that sub forum is for?
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    I personally think sources should test their own gear for peace of mind on their end, not used as a selling point for customers.

    I personally look at a sources testing and disregard. Most testing needs to be done with an anonymous purchase and then unmarked samples sent. Keeps both parties inline.

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    Unfortunately, we can not do that, so are the rules

    Thank you

    yes I thought so synonymous so I have posted all there.

    but as I said it is not allowed

    Thank you

    Yes you are totally right
    but we let the samples partly directly from dealers or users directly to the lab send.

    mands if you want to test something you can let me know, I would even take over the costs, and you just have to send the sample.

    Thank you
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    Simec could not find anything, we also sent it to lab4tox.
    I am very disappointed with simec
    Baku Paratren Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 100mg-1.jpg
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    Wow, so who is right?
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    Good question and it may well be that neither is right.
  19. One facility claims it's bunk, the other claims it's pretty much spot on.

    This is potentially catastrophic. Whichever facility is wrong, you have to wonder, how many times were they wrong in the past?

    The two samples you sent, were they from the same vial? The same batch?
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    yes it was the same
    I had the samples sent by customers to the laboratories.

    simec, write me by mail that definitely no tren hexa exist.

    I do not know what to believe :)
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