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  1. Balkan Pharmaceuticals Sustamed was determined to have an actual content of 30.2 mg/ml testosterone propionate, 59.3 mg/ml testosterone phenylpropionate, 57.7 mg/ml testosterone isocaproate and 97.5 mg/ml testosterone decanoate compared to a label claim of 30 mg/ml, 60 mg/ml, 60 mg/ml and 100 mg/ml, respectively.

    No microbiological contamination was detected.

    Steroid analytics courtesy of Balkan Pharmaceuticals Sustamed Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab

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    Nice! Spot on, factoring in the plus/minus.
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    Funny how a lot a labs that people have shit on always test really good.
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    What do you believe to be the reason(s) behind that?
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    LOL 3 reasons 1. people stupidly bought from un reputable places and got fakes 2. people are shills and trash good labs to promote there own motor oil shit gear! 3. people don't know what good gear is, how it works and what to expect and not to expect. They assume since they dont look like Phil heath that the gear must be fake and other morons chime in and agree. People always make the lame pussy excuse that the pros are the only ones that can get real correctly dosed gear.