Balkan Pharmaceuticals Test-E...legit or what????

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  1. 92vig

    92vig Junior Member

    I just received my BP Test-E, and find something fishy. On the right side of the label, there is a spot for LOT and EXP, yet the LOT and EXP and code are printed right in the middle of the label. Is this normal? Every picture I have seen of BP Test has the LOT and EXP where it's supposed to be. This came from a shop on the internet...won't say which, but if you read into what I said, I am sure you will figure it out no problem.

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  2. 92vig

    92vig Junior Member

    It is a slight yellow color. Here are some more pics. Very slight yellow....I also have two amps of Balkan Test-E that was ordered from the same shop. The liquid in the amps seems to be a bit thicker and moves different than the one in the vial. The amp and vial both have the same color. Not sure what to make of it.

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  3. Dzaster

    Dzaster Member

    Pin and Pray bro!!!
  4. Grozny

    Grozny Member

    g2g bro
  5. badboy24

    badboy24 Junior Member

    i also have the same concern of the above post did you find anything out. or has anyone use this before with the lot and expiration in the wrong spot seems kinda strange.
  6. flyguy

    flyguy Junior Member

    i recently ordered test e for a friend from a Balkan shop. not the amps, so i can't say about those, but the vials look like just like mine did.
  7. TrainHard

    TrainHard Member

    I think you are good to go, it has all the Balkan marks that need to be there.

    Tried to see if Balkan had Test E certificats available online, but they don't.

    They may have gotten a new printer, or had a software change that prints the labels.
  8. flyguy

    flyguy Junior Member

    ya bro, i just checked out my buddies vial of test e and its the same vial. i was also surprised with the lightness of the test as compared to the vial of cyp.

    but yes, you're g2g with those vials imo.

    good luck.
  9. Lizard King

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    Oh, you got some bathtub test, good luck! [:eek:)]
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  10. badboy24

    badboy24 Junior Member

    yea we will see in a couple weeks. started the test e and decca. the only other thing is i found this shit on a site for mad cheap for a third of what you would usually pay for the shit, after i bought it locally from a friend. so is this shit generic or is it good shit? what did you pay for that 10 ml vial? thanks guys
  11. theGerman

    theGerman Junior Member

    first of all hello to everyone here as u can see on my nick iam from oversea just found this thread in a searching machine, so sorry for my bad english.
    haha mate just pin you not have to pray i have the same stuff from Moldova
    i add some of pics i made :cool:
    greetings from the lovely germany

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  12. 92vig

    92vig Junior Member

    10ml vial is $55. I haven't used this yet. Using my Schering Testoviron now. Good shit :)
  13. Junior Member

    kinda hard to fake ampules. way to costly. my guy in lithuania stands by BP. never used it but, i totally trust my bro and he knows his shit.

    as far as pin and pray? thats bad advice.

    hell no

  14. etul86

    etul86 Junior Member

    I've heard good and bad things about Balkan Pharmaceuticals. My vials look just like that with the exp date in the wrong place. I'm using the test e right now and i didn't notice anything until the middle of the 5th week. So if it's legit you have to keep on schedule. If it's bad, then you could be doing bad things to your body for that long.
  15. 92vig

    92vig Junior Member

    You know what pisses me off....I just started using one of the vials. 10ml means it would last me 5 weeks. Since I am taking 500mg / week. So therefore, 250mg/ml and I do two shots of 1ml every week.

    The shit lasted 3 weeks! I didn't do over 1ml every shot and I didn't do more than 2 shots a week. That means there's only 6ml in the vial.

    I finished up my 10 weeks on my Schering Testoviron and really didn't notice I'm on the Balkan and haven't really noticed anymore other than a little soreness after injection for a day...since the BA content is high.
  16. geo

    geo Junior Member

    Got the same stuff 6-62010. Lot number and stuff are in the middle of the bottle. paid $55. 10cc bottle. Just took it, dont know yet
  17. etul86

    etul86 Junior Member

    hey no offense intended but I have some questions....

    How much were you doing a week?
    What size needle?
    Where did you inject?
    Were you consistent?

    I did an eight week cycle with Balkan test e and i gained 10 pounds of lean muscle. I was doing 250mg twice a week.
  18. benning78

    benning78 Junior Member

    G2g.. Been using their stuff for 2 years....
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  19. benning78

    benning78 Junior Member

    I prefer their test cyp over my prescribed US test because it feel better and they use peach oil which is much better for the body vs gmo cottonseed garbage....
  20. You're necro posting.

    This thread is 7 years old and it's participants are probably dead or in prison... i suppose there's a chance that they're alive and well and just don't come here anymore... But what are the odds of that? :D