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    crazykillen Junior Member

    Got order today is equipoise and Test Prop both from Balkan Pharmaceuticals...Good product???
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    S.B.C Member

    this is the picture forum, what happened to your pics ?
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    jimbo69 Junior Member

    eq is on the money never had the prop though...............if its the stealth prop good luck ur gonna need couple bottles of percs for the pain OUCH
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    swe1975 Junior Member

    Re: Balkan is it gtg or crap like it was before???

    i just had to ask if the balkan products are working as they should they were pretty bad at the start didnt hear a good word about that gear!

    but that mayby depends on who sells them!!

    and the place my friend got them from was a legit reseller and a well known dude from moldavia if i dont remember wrong it is a while ago he also sold sachets and other items but mostly balkan+sachets so he mayby sold fakes to some and gtg gear to others i heard n read alot of that place was a selective scam artist(i dont want to mention what place i writes about becaus i do not know if that is ok on this forum???)

    it is of intresst to know if the balkan products are gtg or underdosed heavily still just like the place that sold them he called himself a**n if you know who i mean and many probably does due to his fighting with british dragon a couple of years back!!

    and his claimes that he was the founder of british dragon or something like that(dont remember exactly it was a long time ago when b.d still was pretty easy to be sure it was gtg
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    hulkhogan Member

    Had only bad experiences with this garbage. I would avoid Balkan no matter who sells it.
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    methan Junior Member

    BP is legit pharmaceutical manufacturer at least ONLY factory who show deliberately their GMP certificate at their official website. I didnt saw any certificate from AP only a forum feedbacks spread usually by dealers and payed admin/moderators . FDA thailand license come on who saw this license from asia pharma, bullshit story as always. [:eek:)]
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    lastchance Junior Member

    I have a bunch of BP anadrol, nice pressed pills...They work like a mother...these are not bunk. I'm running 100mg ed. Awsesome
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    ironaddict50 Junior Member

    AP looks pretty legit to me, their website is impressive, along with their verifiable scratch off codes on the boxes that can be verified on the site to prevent counterfeits, what other company does that?
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    peanutbutter Banned Spammer

    ironaddict50 you are pharma is great brand..and human...its great
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    methan Junior Member

    this mean nothing, does organon, norma, akrihin,terapia,genepharm have verifiable scratch codes;none of these pharmaceutical giants have those scratch codes. excluding their impresive website AP didn't show any GMP/FDA license, nothing. actually only legit pharma manufacturer on this market who is able to propose a full line of aas is BP.

    AP is "human brand" but not approved by any pharmaceutical institutions , only by dealers who sell them.
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    scamp Junior Member

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    peanutbutter Banned Spammer

    if BP human,then this amps cant look like you say its look..its total lie and scamm..dont use them..get human gear...
    AP-is 100% human..they show all papers..also Bill say in his next book he will show a lot of papers and videos,etc
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    hulkhogan Member

    Ap is NOT 100% Hman Grade. The papers mean jack since in the country it's made money talks and anyone can get anything. AP=BP. Same old aggressive hustlers. Same old pimps.
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    scamp Junior Member

    i got no reason to lie about the BP amps that i have, im not affiliated with any labs or any of that cutthroat lab sh! just some dude from the US tryin to get big...
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    methan Junior Member

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    methan Junior Member

    can you show us these papers :) video i can also make a short-term clip in my bathroom dont be naive bro and try to sell your story to some one else.
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    peanutbutter Banned Spammer

    come on know AP is good brand and you know video is real deal! not a fake! also you know THAI registred number is where is scamm and BS? ap is best right now...
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    scamp Junior Member

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    Exile Junior Member

    Latest MD issue tested some Balkan vials and they had some bacteria in them. With labs these days you can never tell. Your usually better off making it yourself so you know its sterile.
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    methan Junior Member

    i m not here to protect any labs but i just dont like to discredit any pharma houses without proofs, let stay objetcif :) :D.

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