Balls hurt from steroids...normal?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by pauladrive, Sep 18, 2010.

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    pauladrive Member

    Ive been taking 40 mg of d-bol aday for the past 16 days and also started with 500mg. of sustenon a very light stack very light . but Today my nuts are like sensitive almost in a small pain , ok .. Last night had relations my girl was like woow i thought your load would never end ,,,so i came alot , more than usuall , now i know that you shut down your natural test for the time your on the juice , but ive done this plenty and really never felt what im feeling today does anyone have any thoughts on that ?

    also i plan
    40 dbol --1-to 12 weeks
    sustenon 1-3 500mg 3-12 1,000 ( was going for 1,500 but rethought it )
    deca 300mg 3-12
    *light stack *
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    littleMonster Member

    Never had that problem.

    Dbol for 12 weeks seems overkill IMO. Normally it's used to kickstart 1-5wks. It pretty harsh on your liver. I'm about to run identical stack with 30 dbol 1-5wks
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    Jeton Member

    sounds like the sex caused the pain. take a break from sex a few days let the pipes settle down.
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    Deacon Member

    I have had that happen - nothing to worry about
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    Paulo Souza

    Paulo Souza Member

    Im taking almost the same cycle 500mg Sustanon week/30mg Dbol day

    And every once in a while my balls hurt and ache... you're not alone!
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    Reinheart Member

    Same here. For me it lasted like a week and then it was away.
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    pauladrive Member

    so why is that... just wondering ....and yes d-bol is toxic but that's extremely high mg. and for extended lets say i want to continue 40mg.from 12 days back until after thanks giving like a month and a half later sure ill be on safe side.....
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    Reinheart Member

    This happens because you're shutting down yourself.
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    TrainHard Member

    Its happend to me before as well a few time, nothing to worry about, its from the changing hormones, it's usually is very mild and goes away in a few hours or a day. Intensity of the pain is nothing like the pain from blue balls. Which I will admit, when on cycle, doesn't ever happen.
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    youngstunna Member

    I can say I have had the same thing happen to me as well normally a couple of weeks after I am back on
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    solo47 Member

    Testicles often hurt after a large shot of hcg for me. Growth pains?:rolleyes:

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    pauladrive Member

    after reading some and your post its from your body shutting its natural testoserone production , i guess thats where your nuts shrink somewhat .. Hopefully this nagging sensation will go away shortly .. sustenon tmrw
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    klbsa Member

    Could be a hernia. Give yourself the cough test.

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