Basic cycle TEST E TREN E


So what do u guys think of something like this for 12 weeks.
Test e 500wk/12 weeks
Tren E 300wk/12 weeks
TBol 50mg 4 weeks Kickstart
Adex 0.5 ed
Nolva 40/40/20/20

Prettt simply cycle with a diet of eating 300 cal surplus and 20min cardio eod?
Just to put a little size on and drop bf?
Maybe get some clen if I can get it in time? Thoughts?


There's no point in clen if you're eating at a surplus and trying to gain size. You should be able to recomp nicely with the cycle you listed (with less adex), assuming you're training hard and sticking to your diet.

Clen or other fat burners would make sense if you cut your calories and focus on losing fat. I'd prefer EC with low dose DNP, but some people love clen.

0.5 mg adex daily is probably way too much. I wouldn't take anywhere near that much unless you know you need that much on 500 mg test.


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I would recommend running the Test a little longer than the Tren. And I like doing 500/350. For your AI I wouldnt just take it randomly, I would only take when needed. PCT I would also be doing Clomid. And I like to run HCG throughout any cycle. If I was doing your cycle it would look like this:

15 weeks Test E 500mg per week
12 weeks Tren E 350mg per week
1-4 weeks Tbol 50mg a day
15 weeks HCG 500iu twice per week
AI taken only when needed during cycle
PCT Nolva and Clomid started 3 weeks after last shot