Basicstero. Fix your commo or you are a fraud

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Storm, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Storm

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    I placed an order. Then paid via coinbase ( their preference that I signed up for). After 5 days, my order is still requesting payment verification. I have emailed twice, both rejected as unknown server. Please either communicate and fill my order or refund my order. I have ordered twice before with good results. WTF
  2. Kfurly

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    first time paying with coinbase, correct?
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  3. Kfurly

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    I know for circle, it takes about a week for the account to work after creating maybe thats the case there but keep us informed
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  4. D-max

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    Why did you make a new thread for this? Put it in theirs and tag them. Or pm them. Or put it in one of the other 500 PC threads here.
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  5. Pharmacom Labs

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    man, if you used the contact form on site you could not receive any reports about rejected emails. Obviously you used some other e-mail. How can we help if we did not know about the issue? You could have pmed me here. But you have not even contacted me prior to posting this. Obviously its easier for you to start a next senseless thread about Pharmacom as to get everything resolved within several hours just by sending me a private message... I do consider this nothing short of a trial to cause negative attitude towards our source by using words like fraud in one sentence with the name of our store. The case is not worth a damn, and for sure not worth a separate thread.
    As for the main subject, if you submitted payment info as per our ordering instructions shown both on site and in the confirmation e-mail and we were not able to confirm it we would contact you. If you have not submitted it, we are not aware about your payment, this, it is clear your order is not confirmed.
  6. Joeblack

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    well i used the contact us on the site. Its been a week since i paid for your so called " 2 to 4 days " domestic and my payment still says BEING VERIFIED. SO what happened to the 2 to 4 days?

    can i get my money back please. I dont mind waiting but the info on your site is bullshit
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  7. Joeblack

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    oh yeah and ive emailed you guys and got NOTHING back in days. BAD service
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  8. PrideofNYC123

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    I'd just refund the guy and ban him. Seems like a dumbass.
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  9. Dblover3

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    Agreed. Ban him. You cant fix stupid
  10. brutus79

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    You guys seem like experts so i apologize for my confusion. Ban him from what exactly? Meso? We arent a source board and couldnt care less about how a person airs their grievances... we prefer it public. Or did you mean the source should ban him? From non communication and lost money? What a novel concept... seems they already have.

    Another member (who has been around for years) posted after him with similar issues. You would have them be quiet so more could get scammed if that is what is happening? Think before you pipe up with the tough talk.
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  11. Jesus Christ...he paid for 2-4 days service, where's the sense of urgency?

    And I do understand it's after receiving the funds, but he did his part, all you had to do was pick it up.

    Imcompetence and Laziness are not the foundation of a great business model.

    Give him his money back....

  12. Storm

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    Wait. Am I the guy who is banned? I lost it in these threads. Let's be clear, anger aside....

    I have purchased in the past with good but slow results.

    I purchased again and followed all instructions of notifying them on my payment. ( which is strange. Why do I have to tell them that I paid? This isn't 1990. )

    After a week of nothing, I replied to their emails that they sent confirming my purchase and soliciting me to view their manufacturing videos. Emails that I replied to were returned as undeliverable.

    I followed all instructions. But any emails that I sent were returned as undeliverable. These are THEIR emails that I replied to..

    I also used their contact form 3 times with no response. So fuck him on that one.

    2 weeks now. No update. No response from anything. No refund. Out $245 USD.

    Good shit. Terrible customer service

    Ship me, refund me and "ban ME". what a joke.. Wtf
    Or shut the fuck up.

    I may not be an active regular member, but a member still for over 4 years. I'm not a drama queen or full of shit.

    I wish I knew how to tag them. But even after seeing my desperate post.... Still no response. Not cool.
  13. Storm

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    You should check out the story before judging. I'm not stupid and don't need fixing. I had a UGL THAT I LIKED.... Rip me off. Posting about it here is for promoting the experience and info for the group.

    Got it? Ron White?
  14. Storm

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    you are so sad with your bravado, rather than trying to give good customer service.

    For me to get to the point of frustration, where I felt the need to post here, means that you did not do your job with proper communication. Very poor customer service. You can make all the good product you want, but if people buying illegal stuff and sending money up front don't get responded to.... You create a sense of being ripped off. I get it.. You're not Amazon. But do your job..... Take the orders, update status through the process, and ship quality product. Don't ignore your customers and supporters.. I DID USE THE CONTACT FORM... 3 times!, Jerk.
  15. Afguy901

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    Those posts weren't directed towards you. They were directed to the other member that is having problems. Ignore them they are fucking retarded and obviously some of the many shills for pcom
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  16. Storm

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    Thanks for not judging. 14 days, no account or order status update on their site. 6 returned emails from REPLIES from their sent emails. No replies from 3 CONTACT FORM emails.

    I'm pissed because I like their stuff. I was a fan. F'n Dummies. I don't want a refund, I want communication and my order even if customs and shipping takes a while.
  17. Hello, provide me order details in PM
  18. Joeblack

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    the helper said it will be sent today. We will see and banned who? me? if so lol
  19. jJjburton

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  20. Savagesteve

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    That doesn't mean that the customer service should be garbage. It's easy to use someone else but doesn't change the fact that the money was sent and no goods have been shipped.