BBC's Chilll down. Cold temperatures Modulated artificially for weight loss...?

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    I was talking with a buddy today. Bear with me...

    He brought up a guy that is doing weight loss through applying cold temperatures to himslef. The subject is a guy who is apparently not in that bad a shape, has a decent diet and exercise regimen, and is healthy. His primary complaint was that he could not loose that last 40 of 60 pounds.. From the description I got, the guy would embrace the cold any way he could to stimulate body thermal related metabolism shift PROLONGED. The notion is to shock the body with cold for a few minutes (maybe 30), and I think he did it three times a day. IT WORKED. Per this bud. ( I am going to research the article and try to post link).

    In the end I understand the guy built a water tank in his garage that he could cool to 50 degrees or so, and got in it for three sessions per day. This was to spare his wife the sub arctic temperatures in the home (as well as the cooling bill LOL). The plan had already been working somewhat. But the tank apparently put it over the top. He apparently not only lost that 60 lbs, but did not change his light walking exercise regimen, and actually increased his diet from 1800 to 2800 calories per day. I think it only took a few months. he long and short is that the three cooling sessions per day were enough to trick his body. So thats what I was told anyway...

    ONE FURTER. We also discussed the new proceedure of COOL SCULPTING. Usually done in your higher tech plastic surgeon related high end SPA type facilities these days. This is where they essentially charge you $500.00 bucks to apply a cold press to your belly for an hour, and only once every THREE MONTHS(!!) and with great results. On a side note, I inquired a couple of times to try to dispell the mystery of how this method was working ( when in the office getting zapped LOL), and I was pretty much stonewalled with either ignorance or closed lips. The long and short is that I asked, well what is the magic to this "cold Press", Are there drugs involved? The answer is "no". I asked, well what is so special about this device which you are stating to "squeeze" the body tissue between and cool it down? Is it sub cold. Are you having to apply a chemical to the skin that allows you to super cool body tissue without damaging the skin? The answer was "no", but they offered a "pad" was placed between the skin and the cooling pad. The long and short is that I suspect this is just a buffer to allow for the CONGLOMERATION of supercooled energy, SO AS TO HAVE A LASTING SOURCE...

    The long and short is this is my thread and I am going to attempt two baths per day as a method. And you know I wont change another damn thing... LOL
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    These guys have apparently lightly broached the subject....
    The Cold, Hard Truth: Can Ice Baths Help You Lose Weight?

    These guys are ROCKIN IT...>! LOL
    [ame=]Ice Baths & MILFs - Mike & Andrew Try to Lose Weight - Episode 3 - YouTube[/ame]

    Ice bath reduces weight of 3 kilos without diet or Sports ~ Quick Weight Loss Tips (Natural ways)

    How to take an ICE Bath – what are the benefits? | Caveman Klaus

    Get-Fit Guy : How to Use Cold Weather to Lose Weight :: Quick and Dirty Tips

    Will A Cold Bath Help You Lose Weight?

    Dr Oz: 4 Hours To The Perfect Body: Ice Therapy & Timothy Ferriss - Dr Oz | Doctor Oz Fans

    ENOUGH/..... FOR NOW....:)
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    Dont forget to turn up the volume on the cam. :D
    We wanna hear you scream like a little bitch when your balls draw up into your throat. :)
    Woluld make a nice avater if you could capture the moment.
    I jumped from a hot tub into a snow bank ONCE. lol
    Would be a nice warm up to the big event.
    GL- I`m with you bro, at least in spirit.
  5. The idea of having icicles hanging off my nuts is not my idea of fun LOL
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    You guys missed the point....

    The goal for ME is to drop the temp of the tub from room temp to about 50 degrees over a 30 minute period. I CALCULATE that this will ellicit the same. I am thinking my bud was wrong and the guy he was citing was doing it 3 days a WEEK and not PER DAY..

    Same bud has some ice packs from some medical stuff his dad has delivered OFTEN. So apparently I am going to get about 20 3x6xwhatever freezer blocks to chill in the freezer and drop in the tub ONE BY ONE... LOL. But it wont cost me no ice and I WONT be havin to buy an ICE machine...:D

    BUT.... I DO have some avatar ideas,,,, BELOW the waist:eek::D... LOL:rolleyes:
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  7. As bodybuilders we used to turn off our heat at night and run around with window opened decades ago because we know it created thermogensis in our.body. Shit actually did lean in the winter time..I.saved on heating bills lol
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    I've no doubt it will work. Worked as a despatch rider for a while years back. Didn't have the right kit during winter at the start and froze my nads off the first 3 days. Literally! Lost roughly 7 lbs in 3 days!
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    Good one bbc. I wouldn't recommend going straight to I've baths tho you need to work yourself up to it. Start with 5-10 min cold showers everyday.. Then maybe cold showers with a big bag of ice rubbed all over yourself.. This stuff does work from personal experience. But if give the cold showers a couple weeks before going for the big time. Cold is supposedly very good for hormones fwiw.
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    I thought I've heard of every method out there for losing weight.

    I was wrong.
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    Yes, I am optimistic. And the point you bring is valid. RECENTLY, My kids all took a bath, and then I go to take a shower and to find my wife has been sitting in the tub doing her signature - "Sit in the bastard and let the hot tab run out the tub overflow drain till cold :mad: LOL. Needless to say, I was already Au'Natturall and still filthy with yard dust. And in my current "Steven Segal LIKE" condition, I really cant stand to be disrobed when I cant sit around and admire myself :D LOL.:rolleyes: SO I bit the bullet and hit the shower cold, Just about 80 degrees I imagine... THAT ALONE WAS A MIND BREAKER.... But in retrospect, I FELT DAMN GOOD THE REST OF THAT NIGHT...

    SO, MY PLAN is this. I'm gonna be conservative and start with one bath per day (at night), and probably focus on cooling the morning shower down some as well. The bath protocol will happen like this (and I have confirmed I already have about 12 of these cold blocks to get in the freezer). Im probably going to figure on a solid hour in the tub, and starting out about body temp exactly which should probably feel cold even. Then Im gonna let the water cool down naturally for the first half hour. After that, start adding ice packs and let er rip. I am speculating I will take it down from about 90 degrees to 50 in that second half of the game, and then suck it up as many minutes as I can past the hour. So my baseline is going to be 50 degrees. I dont believe you have to get the tub to 35 to be successfull here. And just cause we see all that ice floating in these tubs with these other fools of vid's dont mean they actually have the water down past 70 even.

    In final thoughts for this post, I recall swimming pool temps. I remember that 80 degrees is borderline uncomfortable getting in, and that 83-85 was an optimal temp if swimming later in the day. SO anything under 80 is a bitch for starters. I would say one could "swim around" in 70 degree water for 30 minutes and whine the whole time. SO this will be interesting. It also reminds my of this sick bastard I knew when I was in teens. His job was to empty all the ice coolers round the courts at the end of the day. For fun, he would challenge me to stick arms in the coolers gambling who could last longer. IN retrospect, THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG WITH HIM AND SOMETHING MAY HAVE TRANSFERRED...! LOL:D

    I'll be having the wife do some beginning pics tonight to document ( I WONT BE ABLE TO LOOK) LOL. I am thinking "the thinker" will be a good one. JK:cool:

    I AM Excited about this. For more than one reason.
    (1) I would like to see how well it will work when this much cold is applied to this much adipose tissue. I am thinking it will either cause better than expected or worse, but anything but. As the fat will either BUFFER the cold to my core and diminish the effect, or the cold will directly impact MORE "Brown Fat" and make it work better at first.

    (2) Its nice to think I may be able to lean up without even having to leave the house, and get clean while doing as well. Many birds with a stone in a schedule. And I already spend my share of time in the bath. I should have a nice "bath house" incorporated into my home already...

    (3) I am not going to change my routine otherwise for at least 30 days. To try to really document the effects. But I am also hoping that this will SERIOUSLY help to transition my body into that Fat releasing mode for when I eventually kick in some serious calorie restriction.

    (4) I am also reading in much of this material that this process not only stimulates fat burning, but the release of many body chems ranging from basic hormones, to GH, and more. So I am kind excited to see what the total metabolic RETURN will be.!! And worried too. My chin and nose are big enough for 40. LOL

    (5) Perhaps ill design and market a Neophrene "Junk Cap" to keep the boys warm in this weight loss regimen - as I am SURE that temps below 60 degrees F are not going to be good for the testicles.. In short a thong/gstring type "wet suit for the boys which I will go on to use at the local STALLION Club Where is will ensue to dance for $$ with my new studly self... [:eek:)]

    (6) The possibility of dumping 30lbs of fat in 60 days where otherwise a WORK FEST, is promising and exciting...!

    (7) Should be great for sleep I am thinking...!

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    Are you implying that you think this method is "out there" or doesn't work LW? Because I can assure you it does.
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    NO!!! And I probably did not get thru addending my previous post till after you read it...

    I am excited. There is too much information out there that it does. I am really surprised that it has not become a CRAZE by now even. I speculate only cause no one saw a way to make $$. For the price of my "Junk Cap" (one size fits all) and accompanying literature for diet and exercise - I am thinking 59.99 plus SHIPPING and Handling (or whats that new word they use - LOL) AND We will EXPEDITE your order for an additional $9.99..[:eek:)]:rolleyes:

    All Good fun..

    So please expound for me your experience. Time you did it. What you did. And what additional weight beyond the diet and routine you feel you lost? Why you stopped..?:)

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    Sorry BBC I was referring to LW's post.. Ill write more later but i didnt have really much weight to lose i did it(and still do) for health purposes..but I did notice a noticeable hardening affect of existing muscles and loss of fat around the lower back, stomach areas..its pretty fascinating and I think the reason no one does it is due to discomfort. its not fun. But there is a clear endorphin/dopamine mood boosting effect from it as well akin to high intensity exercise.
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    I dont argue with success.
  16. This has not.been peer there fore it is pseudo science
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    Well you know thats the kind I like best....;)