BD end of an era

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    Tha was 4 years ago, bro!!
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    Two of the owners of the original BD are dead and one has already been released after serving time in federal prison.

    And there was much better coverage of this elsewhere too :D

    British Dragon Founder and Redicat Arrested in Thailand

    Redicat Extradited to United States and Arrested by U.S. Marshal at LAX

    British Dragon Founder Soon to Be Extradited to United States for Trial

    Original British Dragon Founder Dies After Being Released from Federal Prison
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    duh!! :-bd [:eek:)]
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    BD never busted!
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    That fucking sucks. Serving your sentence and then dying?
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    Of course, they were. The original owners of BD were prosecuted and sentenced to prison and/or died. That's how the current owners were able to obtain the BD website domain name. I've read that they purchased it from the family of one of the original deceased owners. The current BD is an entirely different organization.