beard shaver advice!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chileandawg, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. chileandawg

    chileandawg Member

    Well I can buy the

    Phillips PT860 5000 series


    Phillips HQ6996 3000 series

    Have this doubt because the price of the second model is more expensive but the series is oldest than the first.
  2. ickyrica

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    Oh my god. Dude....
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  3. Razor blade, like Gillette, anything but a bic, I hear they tear your skin off
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  4. NorthMich

    NorthMich Member Supporter

    Braun Series 9
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  5. chileandawg

    chileandawg Member

    But between those phillips,what would be your choice?
  6. BigNattyDaddy

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    I don't know anything about those two specifically, but I always go with the higher price. You get what you pay for.
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  7. Eman

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    Neither. Grow a beard like a real man.
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  8. NorthMich

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    ^^^^ Hahahaha!
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  9. chileandawg

    chileandawg Member

    Sure man,but in this case the better series is the most cheaper.

    Haha! Can't do that in the job would my ruin!
    Haha cmon help me choice.I read about the sensitive skin gagdgets of this shits but sounds strange to me,I just want a electric shaver.

    BTW the pt860 model is famous in amazon.
  10. BigNattyDaddy

    BigNattyDaddy Member

    Then buy that one lol
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  11. chileandawg

    chileandawg Member

    Guess is a lotery