Bed bugs - anyone encounter these peice of shits?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by juicy122, May 5, 2020.

  1. juicy122

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    I always thought I had a mini allergic reaction from using aas or something and i would itch alot. Then last week when I was sleeping I felt something on my ear and killed it it my sleep woke up and checked it's a bedbug... then I flip my bed and boom about 10+. I threw out my bed bought spray and kept doing maintenance in my room everyday and a week later now it's much better and the itch is finally gone. But still a couple around that come from no where.

    These things drive ppl crazy man I read online and everyone has similar stories and cant sleep because they're in the back of your mind. These things are sent from hell I swear.... I dont want to call an exterminator that would cost like 1000+ but I think I'm close to beating these assholes...

    Has anyone dealt with these? Did you call an exterminator or did you buy something that fixed the infestation?
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  2. DrinkFlintWater

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    Years ago, I lived in half a double. The neighbors had them so bad that after they moved out, the bugs moved into my half. My house had to have a bunch of bombing treatments and i lost alot of furniture in the process. I remember waking up to the feeling of bites on my ass and legs...fuck that shit man...get rid of them ASAP
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  3. Villain

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    I thought only high heat or something like DDT killed them. What kind of spray are you using? Supposedly something as simple as salt or sugar kills them because it cuts them up like razors. Don’t know the truth to that since I’ve found most home remedies suck.
  4. juicy122

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    I dunno just some bug spray from a local store it doesn't kill instantly but day after I'm noticing dead ones so its killing slowly plus I spray dimatecous earth or something that also slowly suffocates them around corners and on my bed sheet so if they crawl to me they will slowly die later lol. This shit is ridiculous. But I'm making good progress if they come back then I'll call a pro.
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  5. Freakmidd

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    I remember hearing that there is no products that work residually(except maybe diatomacious earth).. you have to heat them out or get bug spray into their hiding spots (cracks and crevices) such as behind trim and floor boards, and actually make contact with the bugs to kill them..

    My brother in law had a similar problem years ago, it about put him over the edge.

    Good luck!
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  6. juicy122

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    Yeah these things are complicated. Never knew they can affect anyone always thought it was dirty places they infested but they can appear at the cleanest of houses too. And when you read about them they are so smart they attack at midnight, they hide so good, and each female makes up to 200 eggs lol.
  7. Demondosage

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    Do yourself a favor and call an exterminator and stop messing around. You won't get rid of them on your own.
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  8. Freakmidd

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    They feed on blood not dirt.. seems they can hitch a ride from just about any public space, and once they're in they are not easy to get rid of.. probably best to call an exterminator.
  9. B Ware

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    Seriously though, I believe the only way to get rid of them 100% is if they (exterminator) seal up your house and turn it into an oven. They do make sprays but I don’t think they are that effective. Good luck!
  10. koolio

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    I'm a retired teacher from Cleveland Ohio...everyday dozens of students were sent home due to having her bugs on them....and those were just the ones caught....I saw a girl picking them off her body, putting them on her desk and looking at them with a magnifying glass....she let me look and I could tell they were full of human blood cause we would squash them and blood was everywhere...usually it was the same kids over and over that were infected...
  11. LeoTC

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    A mattress given to us while we were going cross country a lot turned out to have them.

    We were on our way to CA so we parked the Tacovin Death Valley for a week. Killed them all off. They can hide in a spot as small as a pinhole though. So if you've got them...scorched Earth.

    I actually have a few cans of DDT...
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  12. juicy122

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    yeah what i did to my other matress that had a bit of them i use a heating iron at high heat and used it all around the mattress. since that day i think i got majority. yesterday was the best day yet saw 1 tiny newborn and that was it. I was up all night cause i coudnlt sleep for no reason and for a bit that i slept i woke up and flashed my light and nothing. usually when i'd do that i see a few. Im surprised at the progess ive made on my own hence reading its unstoppable. i think i may have stopped 95% for now i will keep an eye if it does re progress i give up im ready to pay lol
  13. MindlessWork

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    Bet you had dreams of a horde of giant bedbugs munching their way through the woods and you can hear the crunch!

    I found these things in Las Vegas and good thing I brought bedbug repellent spray with me to spray the hotel room beds.
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  14. Dresden

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    I had them 5 years ago..i threw out my mattress , called an exterminator and checked into a hotel for a week...only way to be sure.
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  15. LeoTC

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    I pray for them in a hotel.

    That can actually be a high five figure settlement.
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  16. juicy122

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    if you call a pro you need to leave the house and get a hotel?? can you not sleep in the basement of house or something?
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  17. FishnTom

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    U need suspend sc a controlled pesticide gotta spray inside of all furniture move everything to one side of room then spray and spray everything as your putting on other side bed bugs suck
  18. juicy122

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    wow lol , well i think im good for now. I emptied my room real nice a new beed sheet and put everything from closet in laundry on high heat. Vaccumed everything and daily check up and killing and now im finally seeing 0. an odd 1 here and there and i kill them all lol. I think maybe i luckly caught and threw the infestation from other bed outside on time time will tell.
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  19. FishnTom

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    I used to do pest control and hated those jobs cause some customers had to repeat service a few times
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  20. ickyrica

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    DE isn't anything to fuck around with, depending. Where did you get it? Please don't tell me a pool supply store :eek:

    Good luck with the bugs. My brother in law had them. Was a nightmare.