Been back at it for half a year, I would like some advice on my plan

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    Well first of all here's an Imgur gallery of what I look like now

    I'll also attach them.

    I've been lifting regularly since 2012 when I went to prison. I grew up fat as fuck, like 270lbs at age 13. I'm 6' and 220lbs right now. I was locked up again at the beginning of this year for drugs and lifted the whole time but due to jail nutrition I had to dirty bulk. I've been cutting for about a month now and know I have some time to go.

    At my gym and community college I'm one of the stronger and more advanced guys other than the powerlifting dudes. I see some of you guys that post here though and am bodyshamed, haha. I remember when I lived in Ann Arbor I saw legit big dudes on juice for the first time. I do a lot of research on this topic (I know this community hates it when people just hop into it) but sometimes you just need input from dudes who know what they're doing.

    This is my plan and I'd appreciate any critique:

    Currently I'm doing a relatively slow cut. I am currently on GPS tether so I don't really leave the house much except for college and the gym so I spend a lot of time there out of sheer boredom. I also do a good amount of cardio, because of this my calorie restriction hasn't had to be too bad yet. I dropped from 235lb to 220lb from eating 2,500-3,000 a day. I am trying to get the discipline to county every single calorie and record it. Instead I eat 5-6 500 calorie meals a day. Typically high protein, moderate fat, low carb. I eat the same shit day in and day out, egg scrambles, tuna + beans, and shakes. I'm not worried too much about this part, it's my willpower that fucks me over and I'm doing ok on that right now.

    I'm 220lb in those pictures. I'm not one of those dudes obsessed with seeing veins in my abs and I wonder how my abs will even look considering I was so fat for so long. To be fair those pictures don't show my abs off well, I do TONS of abs and you can tell there's something nice there under the fat. Thankfully I have a stomach fat comp that allows for fat people abs (When you hold more fat under the muscle).

    I'm thinking 195-200lb would be a good end point for me. I just want a decent set of visible abs and some cuts up top. At this point I am turning to clean bulking. I am currently researching AAS and am thinking of maybe clean bulking for a month or two before I start a simple Test E cycle.

    I do way too much volume. It's a horribly ingrained habit from prison where you work out for 3 fuckin' hours out of boredom. I'm getting better and better, a chest workout used to be 40 sets but now I do about 20-25.

    For chest I do something like this

    Incline bench, 2 warm up, 4 sets somewhere between 155-185lbs
    5 sets dips
    5 sets DB press
    5 sets cable flye
    And maybe some shotguns (close grip bench but with dumbells)

    I worked out in prison doing the classic 5 day bro split (everyone does). When i got out I did PPL for 3 years (when I wasn't strung out, I struggle with heroin) and now I'm doing something similar. My arms are lagging behind so I have a dedicated arm day. I also do Chest/Bi's and Back/Tris instead of the other way around. I usually do something like

    Legs or Deadlift and Legs
    Shoulder and Arm Day
    Rest or sometimes not

    I try to hit most body parts twice a week and deadlift/squat every 5 days.

    I probably do cardio 5 days a week. I rotate between:
    30 minutes of up hill sprints
    40 min jog on hilly back roads
    treadmill jogs or steep incline power walk

    I'm trying to transition to more HIIT, I really do notice better results and less pain on my joints.

    MSM/Gluco Joint pill
    Multi Vit

    Thank you for reading this. I was addicted to heroin since age 16 and fat as fuck before that. Literally everything positive to come out of my life has come from lifting. I was just the weight pit porter in a MDOC parole violator camp and I'd trip out on honky's that disrespected the equipment. I love this stuff!
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    Might want to edit your face out of those pics.
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    I edited the images but I can't figure out how to edit the post?
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    @Millard Baker can you help this guy out?
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    Now you just need to change your profile picture, welcome by the way.
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    Thank you!

    And for anyone wondering here are the edited pictures.

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    Atta boy staying clean.

    If this is really your passion and something you want to pursue for the long haul, here are a few suggestions...

    - get a nutrition coach (if you have the funds)
    - training looks decent. Good partner goes a long ways too...
    - train for a few years, different diets, different training methods, build your knowledge and physical base. Then, decide on PEDs.

    Good luck man.
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    Thank you for the advice. I've been lifting on and off since 2012, it's something I truly enjoy. Until recently though I enjoyed it in a kind of...hedonistic sense. I enjoyed it because it felt good, because it pumped me full of dopamine. Now that I'm kind of getting truly happy with my body I'm "getting" what you older more mature guys love about the sport, the competition against yourself, being truly dedicated (I've got the diet on point now), and putting max effort. I used to bullshit a lot of sets/reps but I've been really in the zone lately.