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  1. Ice-T4444

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    how many have a slow acting casein protien like cottage cheese before bed?
    how long do you wait after your meal before you go to bed?
    do you eat before bed when cutting????
  2. advanced-stealth

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    Low fat or non fat cottage cheese works well for me 15 minutes before bed, whether cutting or bulking. Depending on cutting or bulking, would depend on the serving size of cottage cheese and whether to add fruits and all.
  3. dennis

    dennis Member

    When bulking I go to bed at 9;00 pm..I eat dinner at 5;00 pm..I eat 2nd dinner about 7;00 pm then right before I go to bed I eat cottage cheese and my choice of fruit and drink slower realeasing protien shake..I will do that a few nights then switch to protien drink and 2 packages low sugar oatmeal. When cutting I eat no dairy what so ever.....I do not go to sleep on a full stomache either....just some protien and very low to zero carb.Syntrax makes a great product for this specific time...protien mixed with water that tastes like fruit fat,no carbs.Cut out your dairy on cutting diet atleast the last 30 days of your cutting cycle.
  4. iluvdeadlifts

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    The strawberry/kiwi flavour is the best I've tried so far!

  5. bigbench

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    yeah, I am usually stuffing my face all day long, so I will just take a slow release protein with maybe some peanut butter before bed. if im dieting, then I will cut out the butter and just have the shake with water instead of milk. Whether your dieting or bulking, you want to continue to get your protein in every three hours or so. Your diet will just determine the amount of proteins and carbs that are added to that throughout the day
  6. Grizzly

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    I'be been eating chicken before bed recently.