Beginner Cycle: Test-E or Test-E & DECA

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  1. tantrum52891

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    Hey guys ive been researching a good cycle to start off with and ive been getting mixed opinions on whether or not to go just Test-E 500mg a week for 8 weeks or stack it with DECA instead and do 12 weeks of test-e at 500mg per week for 12 weeks and DECA 300mg per week for the same period of time. I picked these two seeing as the side-effects are minimal if done correctly. I also plan on a pct of clomid after. I'm 20 at 6'2 weighing 180 and hoping to put on 20-30 pounds. What do you guys think is best here? And do my dosages sounds correct? Thanks!
  2. tantrum52891

    tantrum52891 Junior Member

    Oh I forgot to mention that I'm going for a low BF more atheltic look with hopefully as little water retention as possible. Thanks!
  3. Sgt.Jarhead

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    You got to do a lot more research. Deca does not have minimal sides, its actually a pretty vicious compound and its not a compound your going to want for the "athletic look" some research, and just run the Test.
  4. tantrum52891

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    Yeah thats what I heard, but I heard the Test-E is good to stack with the DECA to minimize some of the side effects. From what I've heard, Anavar is good for cutting and small lean gains. One of the aspects of DECA that I liked is the way it lubes your joints which would be very beneficial to me since I wakeboard and flexibility something real important when your boarding. In contrast, i heard WINNY gives you sore joints which isn't a side effect I want to have. I was thinking I should go for a bulking cycle first and then do a 2nd cycle for cutting using something such as Anavar. What do you think?
  5. Sgt.Jarhead

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    You ALWAYS want to run Test no matter what cycle you are planning. Test will basically only reduce the Deca side, know in layman's terms as "deca-dick" It is still an overall vicious compound.

    If your looking for joint support, Animal makes an amazing product you should consider.

    If you are looking to bulk, run Dbol/Test cycle. or Anadrol/Test cycle. Make sure you have an AI, as well as Letro/nolvadex, hcg and a well developed pct. This is your FIRST cycle, just stick to the basics.
  6. tantrum52891

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    Yeah animal flex i heard about it. I love animals stuff, im on pak and m-stak now. Isn't dbol real tough on your liver though since its an oral? But if i would run that how would Test-e 500 mg per week for 8 weeks and dbol 30 mg per day for 4 weeks sound? And i plan on running a pct of clomid therapy for 3 weeks, 2 weeks after the test-e is done. And any recommendations on how to trough the hcg in there?
  7. Sgt.Jarhead

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    Nah, 12 weeks of Test E, will be way more beneficial. This is because, you wont start feeling it until about week 4 or 5. You dbol dosage and cycle duration is fine. Week 1-4/5 @ 30mgs ED. You going to want to take liver support for this. Liv52/LiveCare, is the best around. Don't worry, 4 weeks is not enough to cause serious harm to your liver regardless. As for HCG you can run the duration of your cycle.

    Hcg - week 1-12 @ 500iu E4D, Week 12-14 @ 500iu EOD.. then you will start PCT which will be 2 weeks after last Test shot.

    Like I said, HAVE, letro/nolva on hand as long as armidex. This is a must.
  8. tantrum52891

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    Yeah i'll definitely have it on hand. I've seen a couple of cycles that say take 10-20mg of Nova per day while on the cycle. Think thats just too excessive?
  9. Sgt.Jarhead

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    What?, I wouldn't even use it unless I had serious gyno issues, which I would probably just resort to letro anyway. Dont use nolva for the duration of ur cycle.
  10. tantrum52891

    tantrum52891 Junior Member

    Alright sounds good. I looked everything up and came up around 500, kinda pricey but worth it. Thanks alot for the advice bro
  11. tantrum52891

    tantrum52891 Junior Member

    Btw is the estimate for weight gain here around 20-30 lbs? or lower since its a beginner cycle?
  12. novicebb

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    Definitely would suggest Test E and Deca for your first cycle then just Test E alone. You will see better results and stacking those two together, you could get by with a 10 week cycle and still see decent results.
  13. tantrum52891

    tantrum52891 Junior Member

    Yeah its tough to decide between the deca and dbol. I dont want to put too much water weight on but thats tough to prevent
  14. xXGetBigSonXx

    xXGetBigSonXx Member

    there is nothing wrong with a little water weight. If I were you i would just stick with the Dbol and Test E!
    If you take the Dbol bump it up to 40-45mg ED...
  15. ironmanlives79

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    i am on my first cycle right now..test e/ eq and winny.... its nothing short of sure your test/deca/ dbol cycle would be similar...however i kinda wish i would have seen how test alone worked on my body...but i was pretty compulsive about goin all out... so if you can contain your urge to go all def say try test alone. good luck man
  16. tantrum52891

    tantrum52891 Junior Member

    how much did you gain from that weight wise? I'm still debating what to do here and i wouldnt mind just a solid 15 - 20 pounds
  17. Sgt.Jarhead

    Sgt.Jarhead Member

    Save Deca for another cycle. Test alone is going to blow you up, because this is your first cycle. Save the Deca for future cycles when AAS wont have as much of an effect on your body, like it will on a first cycle. If you run Deca with Test, because both compounds seem to "kick-in" around the same time, you won't be able to know what compounds are causing what sides. What might feel like gyno could be a serious prolactin issue.

    Water weight can be controlled by using an AI. Water weight can help with strength gains. This being your first cycle, you have no idea what kind of sides to expect from Test. This being said, you might not get ANY sides, gyno issues, water weight issues etc. But you might also get really bad sides or somewhere in between.

    Dbol vs Deca is like apples and oranges, black and white.

    Just run a basic cycle,

    Week 1-12 Test E @ 500mgs/week
    Week 1-5 Dbol @ 40mgs/ED

    Your "goal" of 15-20lbs is a 110% realistic with this cycle. But, the ball is in your hands.. you have to provide the hard work and dedication with diet and training everyday. Make it a priority. I would guess, if you had a solid diet/training/recovery time, you could gain 25-30lbs, probably keep 80% + with a solid pct. BUT I have no clue who you are and what level you at with bodybuilding.

    *Liv52 for liver support. Clean diet, with surplus of calories. Diet is what determines your outcome. It is the heart of a cycle.

    AI, Armidex @ 0.5mgs, when needed. For water weight and other Estrogen related sides.

    Then if your looking to cut next cycle, or future cycles then run a solid cutting cycle and throw a nice stack in there, at this time you will be more educated and a lot more experienced.
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  18. png12977

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    I'm going to take Sgt. jrhead's advice for a first cycle

    Week 1-5 - Dbol @ 30mgs/ED
    Week 1-12 - Test E/ @ 500mgs/week (split dosage, Mon./Thurs.)

    Week 1-14 - AI - Armidex @ 0.25mgs E3D

    Week 1-12 - hcg @ 500IU E4D
    Week 13-14 - HCG @ 500IU EOD

    Week 15 - ... - pct - clomid Therapy @ 100/50/50/25

    1 Bottle of nolvadex on hand if any gyno symptoms start

    I wanted to do the Test /Injectible Winny cycle he suggested but I can't afford it, 6 weeks of Winny is way more expensive than Dbol
  19. tantrum52891

    tantrum52891 Junior Member

    Yeah i see what you mean. And for a good PCT what did you use on your first cycle? I have one i found but its 3 weeks long of clomid at different dosages and im not sure if thats right
  20. Sgt.Jarhead

    Sgt.Jarhead Member

    You will be pleased. OH I would get blood work done before starting. I have a bad habit of not doing this, but it is a very responsible thing to do. Also, get another blood work test done 2-4 weeks after your PCT is finished and then you can see if you have bounced back, have something to compare too

    Clomid, 100/50/50/25.. then you wait

    You do all this, and you will be fine.
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