Beginner Cycle: Test-E or Test-E & DECA

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by tantrum52891, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Sgt.Jarhead

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    I would take 40mgs of Dbol bro. split dose 10/20/10mgs .. save the 20mgs before the training.

    Too bad, I liked the Prop/Test E/Winny cycle I had laid out. Maybe someday down the road you will run a similar cycle.

    Goodluck on your cycle.
  2. anabollica

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    hey man the test deca cycle you got planned sounds good. alot of the people on this board just cruise around the forums picking up what people say and spewing it to other without firsthand experience. i started aas when i was 21 years old about 175 pounds and for my first 2 cycles i did 500mg of testE ajnd 300mg of DECA. i split up the shots twice a week and i gained and kept the 30 pounds i gained. twice.if you can ive always found aromasin and nolva together are the best pct and didnt lose any gains of my first few cycles. whats important is that you have your diet locked down. aas are never the answer until youve got your body in check. good luck bro pm me if you need anything il give advice based on experience.
  3. tantrum52891

    tantrum52891 Junior Member

    Is that PCT cycle per week or by day? Meaning 100 mg/ml the first week etc..
  4. tantrum52891

    tantrum52891 Junior Member

    Yeah thanks dude i just pm'ed you
  5. Sgt.Jarhead

    Sgt.Jarhead Member

    You think your the only one to use AAS on this forum. Bro. haha, what do you think the advice is based on. But good advice on your part:rolleyes:

    You gained and kept 60lbs from 2 cycles!.. I want what you have haha
  6. Sgt.Jarhead

    Sgt.Jarhead Member

    100 - 1st week
    50 - 2nd week

  7. tantrum52891

    tantrum52891 Junior Member

    That sounds good. I'm looking at a bunch of different places to get everything. Any recommendations?
  8. anabollica

    anabollica Junior Member

    haha its called genetics and knowing your body bro
  9. Sgt.Jarhead

    Sgt.Jarhead Member

    As I recall you said you started cycling @ 170lbs... its called; you cycled too early before you even reached you genetic limitations. IF you even did get gains like this it was because you still had a long way to go naturally. I started cycling @ 195lbs 5'9'' good luck on future cycles.
  10. Gibbster

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    Agreed! I went from 145 to 220 lbs naturally at 5'7 1/2
  11. prima001

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    Hi everyone.. I was wondering if you’d be able to give me some advice. I have just started running a ten week cycle of 250mg test and 300mg deca. I also have 20mg of nolvadex and was wondering if you would recommend me to take the nolva throughout the cycle or whether to use it nearer the end. Friends of mine have only used it at the end but I have been reading online that you should run it throughout - what would you recommend. I also have clomid for my pct - should I run nolva during my pct also?

    Another friend of mine has said to run the deca and test for the ten weeks and take hcg and proviron during and climid and tamoxifen for pct?

    Really appreciate any advice guys as don’t want to do any damage to my body and want to do it as safely and effectively as possible.