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    Hello all,

    Considering brewing my own gear and been researching for quite some time. However, i still have some questions of a practical and simple nature and i was hoping anyone with experience may be able to enlighten me. These questions are for me to simply understand the procedure of brewing steroids. I will be brewing for personal use and wont be proceeding until i have full knowledge of how i am going to execute. Im sure after i have done it once i will be fine. Im also sure that i will think of more quesions after this has been posted haha.

    1. When i have my ba bb oil and compound mixed and ready for heat, is it ok using a water bath or would a hot plate be better?

    2. When i am applying heat, should i be heating just to point where it dissolves in the mixture? Or do i need to accurately heat to the melting point of the compound im brewing?

    3. I intend on skipping syringe filters and going straight to bottle tops. Is there a superior brand for bottle tops e.g nalgene?

    4. Is a brake bleeder set ok to provide vacuum for filter rather than using and electric vacuum pump?

    5. Where the hose connects to the filter, do i need to fasten something around the hose to seal it and stop air escaping? For example a jubilee clip?

    6. Can some one provide me with a cleaning and sterilising protocol for the bottle top filter? I wouldnt think i could heat as it is plastic and i wouldnt think soaking in a alcohol solution would be sufficient.

    7. Are their any sort of grade or type of ba or bb that i need to buy? Can these items be purchased of a website like amazon or should i order from an online chemical company?

    8. Is supermarket gso ok to use? Are their oils superior to gso which anyone thinks i would be better off with?

    Appreciate the time anyone takes to answer any of these questions. Thanks
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    1. either. I find a hotplate is easier to control the temp. take it off if it starts to smoke

    2. You want it as clear as possible. you will still see swirls of hormone but enough to fully dissolve and then some. as long as you arent smoking you are good.

    3. I find whatman zapcaps the quickest. used others and still find whatman to be superior.

    4. electric pumps are nice but regulators can be expensive and yoy need that too. for a homebrew operation starting out just grab a bleeder until you get the hang of it.... unless you are brewing a kg of the bat.

    5. The correct hose should come with the bleeder where anything else isnt necessary. if you are losing vaccuum then tape always works.

    6. dont touch the filter. use it for a batch and when it starts to slow the filtering process to a crawl then change it out. do not clean it they are disposable.

    7. ba and bb can be purchased through many medical supply websites. buy much more bb than ba.

    8. you can use any source for carrier oil. once it is filtered through a .22um it is sterile.
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    You should never come close to smoking
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    yep. easy to do though... start with very low heat and add only when it stops dissolving. some compounds require more heat. I did inj. dbol and it turned into soup without proper heat. just like cooking anything ;)
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    1 an oil bath is better. Avoid water baths as water vapor can make oil cloudy.

    2 no need to melt. just warm it, not really heat.

    3 Syringe filters with 10 ml syringes instead of the common 50 ml ones are easier to work with.
    For anything larger, skip bottletops (Zapcaps) and go straight to Whatman Polycaps.

    4 A brake bleeder should work fine for small amounts, provided there are no vacuum leaks.
    For Polycaps, even a bicycle pump works for positive pressure.

    5 A hoseclamp works fine, but don't overtighten it, as the plastic tube will break.
    A cable tie works fine too.

    6 Best to stick to sterile filters (they come sterile right from the factory)

    7 USP grade

    8 supermarket oil works great.
    GSO works fine for most
    MCT is a bit thinner.
  7. @Titanrep i understand that you're interested in helping, but you're a source. Regardless of the fact that you aren't pushing your products, sources are to stay in their own threads and stay out of member threads.
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    Ok guys, thanks for response.

    @master.on am i right in saying that when i buy a pack of 12 bottle top filters, each filter with membrane inside is disposable? Im assuming the receiver bottle wont be disposable so how can i clean and sterilise this? Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    Excellent advice !

    Since a couple of degrees more and you’ll reach the oil flash point and have a catastrophe on your hands an OIL/WATER FIRE!

    And brewing AAS with a ready to go (holder and discharge clip removed positioned on a nearby table) FIRE EXTINGUISHERS is mandatory for any novice

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    Noted. Thanks Jim
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    I'll give you how my first test enth brew went for me. I think this'll help you (hopefully).

    I weighed out my waxy test enth and put that in the beaker.
    I weighed out the gso and put that in the beaker.
    I weighed out the bb and put that in the beaker.

    I placed an empty metal pan on my stove top and turned on the heat to low.

    I placed the beaker on that and after several minutes the enth started to slowly melt. I knew this was a good place to stay because if it was too hot it would've melted far too fast etc. I stirred it periodically. I will not ever involve water into the equation anywhere. It can get into your containers and into your oil and swirl up your shit. Then you'll be wondering Wtf is it and thinking it's contaminated etc.
    Imo if you heat slow enough you won't be burning anything so why fuck with water and take the risk you know?

    After that was melted I added in my ba because imo I don't want alcohol near fire and I think it evaporates if you heat it for a while defeating the purpose of it helping to keep things bacteria free after filtering.

    Then I used a Whataman needle filter and a caulking gun to filter it into a container from which I broke it down into smaller permanent containers. The caulking gun filtering was fucking awful imo.
    I have more Whataman filters that I intend to use but know at least for me I was squeezing that bullshit like I was trying to choke a hooker to death and get my money back for a bad blowjob. I'd rather use that time to cap orals etc.
  12. A little late but yes this x100
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    You weight out the liquids or you measure for volume?
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    Each sterile filter should be individually packed.

    For sterilizing, you can wash with alcohol + hydrogen peroxide and allow to evaporate.
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    1. Hot plate would be better, no need for water, just put over a small pan. Water is the enemy when working with oils.

    2. You should be letting the solvent do the work, not the heat. Let it sit for a bit and then add a little bit of heat to get it fully into solution. The melting point doesn't matter as much once solvents are added.

    3. Whatman works the best IME but they all get the job done.

    4. Brake Bleeder is fine

    5. You shouldn't have to

    6. If they are autoclave friendly plastics that would be the ideal method. They should tell you the melting temperature of the plastics used. Good ones are all safely claveable. There are less than 100% sterile alternative methods you can do but I wouldn't recommend it.

    7. No, you are filtering it anyway and that is what makes it sterile

    8. Yes for the same reason -- you are filtering it which makes it sterile. I like MCT and GSO as my carriers, depends what I am brewing.
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    Measure for volume sorry.

    When I made EQ I did weigh it but the gso and bb etc were measured.