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  1. beansabovefrank

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    I am on a doctor prescribed trt of 200mg cyp every 14 days and have decided to put off my first cycle until I cut considerable weight. I’m trying to get back down to 220 range before I start a test cycle.


    How can I manage my cycles around doctor requested blood tests? He takes them every three months.

    Would it be worth throwing some Anavar in with my trt to help speed up the weight loss?
  2. Human_backhoe

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    I can't speak to the rest as I am not knowledgeable on TRT. As for the doesn't burn fat. It does help with nutrient partitioning. IF your diet and training are on point it will give you a boost. Nothing more.

    Welcome to meso by the way.
  3. Thongman

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    First off 200mg cup every 14 days is no good. Your T levels are bouncing up and down for sure. Secondly doing a test every 3 months, you really can’t slide a decent cycle in with that. My trt dose is 200mg cyp every 7 days, I give bloods every 6 months or twice a year. I’m able to run 2 cycles a year at 10 to 12 weeks per. Stay with the doc right now until you can get him to test you every 6 months. The. You can squeeze a cycle in, and stop pinning 2 weeks prior to giving bloods and you will test in range. Has worked for me for the last 6 years....
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  4. Silentlemon1011

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    Every 14 days... wtf

    that's not okay lol
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  5. beansabovefrank

    beansabovefrank Junior Member

    There isn’t much I can do about the prescription strength. Should I dose it at 100 each week, just to keep them stable?

    I'm not sure what my options would be until he would be willing to move to a 6 month blood test schedule.
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  6. RomanMVP

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    How about trying a new Doc who's more user friendly??
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  7. beansabovefrank

    beansabovefrank Junior Member

    If it comes down to it, that’s always an option. I’d hate to lose an otherwise good doctor over it though.

    Could I miss a pin before blood work to try to throw the numbers in hopes that he would increase the dose?
  8. Rigger622

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    I would split it up to 100/week. Im on TRT 3 years but my doctor doesn't even check test level anymore just prescribes it. I get my own blood tests done privately from time to time and 150/week is my sweet spot. My prescription is same as you 200 every 14 days I homebrew to make up the extra and just stock up on pharmacy test as I see fit
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  9. RomanMVP

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    That might be a little iffy because you're using a long ester test. I know what you mean about finding a new doc and losing a good one. Sometimes, they can be hard to find. Some mix about as well as oil and water, but when you find a good one, you want to stay the course. Could you consider using a second doc, on the side? Do you have any friends or sources who could recommend such a doc just for this issue?
  10. beansabovefrank

    beansabovefrank Junior Member

    I could request him to send me to an Endo.

    I don’t think the “family doctors” like it when you have multiple family doctors. At least my old one didn’t.
  11. RomanMVP

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    Actually, I use 2-3 different docs for various things. And he doesn't have to know it. There are clinics popping up where you pay a nominal fee to see a doc, theses places don't take insurance, you just pay the pay and your primary doesn't need to know. I've been doing this for about 10 years now.
  12. 4Figgy

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    How long have you been prescribed trt? If just recently then you can tell the doctor that you are experiencing a high and low imbalance with your low t symptoms (my doc had me on a 3 week pin schedule and this worked. Brought down to 2 weeks). If been doing it for a while just ask if you can do bloods less frequently due to the hassle.

    Definitely pin 100/week, and when you are 4 weeks from bloods go back to every 2 weeks or lower the last pin before bloods to maybe around 40/50mg.
  13. EazyE

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    I would split up to 100mg/wk to stabilize your T levels. Ride it out a bit and maybe eventually your doc will just want bloodwork every 6 months or even only once per year. Then you can plan better cycles with a little higher dosage in between. In the mean time, dial in your diet and training. Really focus on your goals one step at a time. If you want to lean out diet needs to be 90%+ the biggest factor. AAS will assist but are not the main driver.
  14. Test_Subject

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    The easiest way to game the system is to just stay on your TRT level of test and add short-estered compounds that the blood test won't detect.

    For example, you can squeeze an 8-10 week cycle of NPP in between 3 month checks and nobody will be any the wiser.
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