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    Hi, I am a US distributor of Beligas Brand. We are offering US domestic delivery (3 to 5 days max) and you can make your order on our site AAS Pharmacy. We have over 200 reviews on trustpilots ( you can just type AAS Pharmacy on Trustpilot to see). All our stuff are imported from Beligas, and not home brewed. I repeat. They are not UGLs. If you go on the Beligas website, you can see that they are servicing numerous distributors all around the US and Europe and we, AAS Pharmacy, is their top distributor. Please give us a try, you will not regret it

    Beligas is a joint venture between a Belgium Lab and a Chinese pharmaceutical company call Green pine. They utilize true GMP production methods (as steroid production is legal in China). Beligas also produce their own raw and finish oil as you can see on their website. If you’re interested in their raw, please pm me, I will point you to the right direction.

    Payment Methods: Preferred BTC
    Also we can accept WU, MG, Google pay(Debi card supported), wire transferred and transferwise

    Shipping Info: Shipping cost is 20 dollars US domestic ( this pays for our shipper and the postage)

    Shipping time is between 3 to 5 business days within the USA and about 15 days worldwide (we ship from the USA)

    We ship the same day or the next ( excluding weekends since the post office is closed) after receiving payment. And we usually confirm payment received within 6 hours max.

    I will post up some picture and lab results shortly.

    We also offer 24 hour chat support on our website

    Please check our products out at
    Please use coupon code: gunz for 15 percent off when purchasing

    You may contact me at


    wickrme holycow2001
    Wire: @ethan321
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    Your prices are nuts
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    Never have been FIRST!! Do I get extra Trophy Points? Haha

    Edit:I suck, I was second, no one ever wants to be second.
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    Trophy points for not being first?
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    Like a participation trophy?!
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    I think that’s what he’s asking for!
  7. GMP doesn't mean Pharma though.
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    Ethan - you guys suck. You look like Pharmacom and your prices blow.
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    Lol, sloppy seconds
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    Well, it’s almost Friday fellas
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    Guess he’s on that Europe time and thought it was Friday.
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    "If you ain't first you're last"
    Ricky Bobby
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    Obviously they’re good guys . Trust pilot seal of approval . Take my money
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    drugbuyersguide, this place can fuck off
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    I still get a participation trophy for being last , though.
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    I guess the main sticking point with you guys are the prices. The main thing is this is US domestic and we taking the risk to ship domestically How about this, to appease to the mass. I am offering life time 40 percent discount for all meso members . How does that sound

    Just use coupon code: mesocoupon
    during check out.
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    Try 60%, they would get you closer to what we already have here.
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    What about EBT?
    Personal check?
    Two party checks?
    Walmart to Walmart?
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    Like a scam... o_O