Benefits of AAS use in non hypogonadal men

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    ERIC WIGGINS Junior Member

    Hey bros,

    Can you guys please list the benefits of anabolic androgenic steroids. I can think of obvious ones

    Increased muscle mass
    Lower body fat
    A better body
    Improved mood

    Please list yours.
  2. Holidaypay

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    Small nuts make your dick look bigger :D
  3. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

  4. Mac11wildcat

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    The Piana effect. Absolute Science.

    This thread is gold so far.
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  5. Bigboy727

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    Makes me last longer doing porn.
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  6. BigNattyDaddy

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    You will not have to approach women first, they will come to you. They say they don't like muscular men but that's a lie.
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  7. Tom

    Tom Shenzhen OK-Biotech Company Representative Supporter

    Reason 1: To make the men more man and the women more attractive.
    Reason 2: Save world by avoiding such raws dealer from firearms or cocaine.
  8. Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    Hate to bust your biluble Bibb but
    a AAS benefit list just wouldn’t seem complete absent a RISK LIST

    - AAS are illegal if purchased wo a RX
    - Social stigma associated with their use
    - when used electively are NOT cheap
    - the inevitable loss of every benefit you listed once the anabolic stimulus is discontinued

    - enhanced risk of cardiac disease
    - reduced aerobic tolerance
    - gynecomastia
    - weight gain
    - an elevated H/H
    - HTN
    - increased risk of blood clots
    - increased risk of tendon / ligament rupture

    And to think I haven’t even touched on the post-cycle phase
    of AAS use!

    Finally ALL of the benefits you listed can be achieved wo the use of AAS, thru diet and exercise, but I know..... no one wants to talk about that type work ethic in the gym.

  9. BigNattyDaddy

    BigNattyDaddy Member

    @Dr JIM, how dangerous is AAS usage in small doses(e.g. 12 week cycle of 500mg testosterone) for individuals who do not smoke, drink, or do any other drugs?
  10. Oliveironni

    Oliveironni Junior Member

    I know I'm not Dr Jim, but it depends. So many factors. Maybe you have an underlying heart condition waiting to be worsened. Or not.
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  11. Robfromga

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    Fuck off .
    Stay in your thread. You aren't a member you are a source . Go away
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  12. Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    Define dangerous ?

    The health risk is cumulative and exceeds any benefit at all but TRT dosages.

    At least that’s what existing evidence has shown.
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  13. Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    Yea and that’s the danger bc few
    novices obtain baseline studies to define their individual risk.

    For example post your pre-AAS
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    ERIC WIGGINS Junior Member


    You're so full of shit. I'm talking about judicious use of anabolics which probably 80% of the people on here are on elective steroids. I'm not talking about abusing them because if you don't you can keep most of your gains post cycle. I've used for almost 20 years with no deleterious effects. I don't stay on forever and I always use testosterone. Testosterone or rather the lack thereof causes all sorts of health problems including low libido, heart issues, feelings of dysphoria. They all suck and I've relieved all of them and have a package in the mail.
  15. Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    Yea betcha Rich Piana and Dallas McCarvrr thought they were exceptions to the adverse effects of AAS also and they are dead along with many others who have sustained considerable morbidity bc of cavalier AAS use.

    Let’s see all your labs, a before and after Echo, ECGS, and BP Changes over the past twenty years bc that’s the only way to prove your use of anabolics is “juicedicious.

    I’ve heard similar immunity stories from folk with HTN and High Chol “but doc I feel fine and don’t need to change my lifestyle or therapy” until end organ damage such as Renal disease, Strokes, or heart attacks provides them w a dose of reality.
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  16. Oliveironni

    Oliveironni Junior Member

    On your last paragraph I can really see that happening with steroids. You feel great overall but there might be underlying issues developing that one might tend to overlook since they're not sudden.

    Just like boiling a frog. If your gradually increase heat with the frog inside he will boil. If you dump him into hot water he will jump.
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  17. cfreetenor

    cfreetenor Member

    While I’m researching everything, it seems that for newer users, pct aid really the most complicated aspect of a cycle. The best results coming from a certain dosing protocol of nolva and clomid, hcg administered starting either a few weeks before the start of PCT or throughout cycle, all while the timing is managed so that supraphysiological levels of testosterone and other suppressive agents are cleared from the system so that the body is in an optimal environment for SERMS to induce a healthy HPTA.

    Which all seems more complicated than “inject this once a week and maybe eat this PWO.”

    @Dr JIM, how much of the risk associated with AAS with moderate doses and compounds (ie no use of the most suppressive or toxic compounds like Deca or Superdrol) is due to improper management of PCT?
  18. Big_paul

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    That can be important.
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  19. Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    I’m NOT the least bit opposed to AAS as many likely believe, BUT it’s impossible for me to support those who promote the use of these drugs based upon individual anecdotes, hearsay or
    forum bro speak, especially when benefits are sensationalized and the risks are ignored by PED profiteers.

    To that end it would behoove Meso members to know their
    AAS source is as reliable as
    the information they spew

  20. Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    Do you believe PCT is required for HTPA recovery in young otherwise
    healthy folk?