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    jist got prescribe kolonopin my anxiety is so bad when I lift my muscles constrict like super rapidly and I notice when I’m mor Chilled out I get more of a burn

    Anyone got s clue of being on something like a Benzo will contribute to mind muscle connection
  2. MCFC

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    They'll make you forget what the hell a muscle contraction is buddy. You'll eat and sleep though so that's two components needed to build muscle lol.

    Seriously though... Use only when needed. I can't imagine benzos contributing to gains in any way really other than eating and sleeping.
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  3. Xragexx

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    Be very careful using these, it’s very easy to become dependent on them and withdrawal from them are horrendous.

    Edit: your tolerance to them builds rather quickly also.
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  4. ickyrica

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    I know 2 people that recently died from fent laced pills. Be careful.
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    I just read recently that that’s a new thing. Crazy?

    Like why would someone lace a benzo with fent to sale in the first place. I understand someone doing it to themselves for the added high but as a dealer just sounds like they’re trying to kill people.
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    Mind erasers.. benzos were always behind my worse moments.. They are a bitch to come off of. Kicked for weeks .
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    i can't imagine trying to lift after taking klonopin. but, for some people, they're needed to dial them down from anxiety-ridden mess to normal.

    i doubt you'll find many folks here who've done any lifting after taking klonopin, or any benzo for that matter. more likely you'll find more than a few dope fiends (present company included) who can regale you with tales of incredibly dumb shit they've done whilst taking them.

    i used to take xanax and walk around naked in the front yard. my ex-wife would patiently wait until i ate shit enough times and ran out of steam, then herd me back into the house. never remembered any of it.

    my neighbors loved me.

    good luck.
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    The fent in the benzos are in there so users think they're the "strongest bars I've ever had bro" it is fucking killing people it's really fucked

    @350lift fuck that doctor, if you can walk into a grocery store fine you don't need a benzos

    Look into some homeopathic remedies instead
  10. Xragexx

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    Lucky you aren’t a registered sex offender. Those poor neighborhood kidso_O

    Jk no judgment here, I have my share of benzo black out stories
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    I guess things have changed in the three years I’ve been clean. Do people make bars now? I’m assuming the crush the bar and mix fent and repress the tab? Just don’t get the whole man he’s got fire Xanax bars lol a bar is a bar cause they’re manufactured lol..but I get what you’re saying.

    I got two boxes of fent patches from my grandmother when she had cancer. Chewed them in a week and forgot two weeks lol. It was a whole nother level opiate high, too much for me. I lost interest after my first episode with it and just went back to dilaudid and oxy
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    extremy cheap
  13. 350lift

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    holy shit lol
  14. 350lift

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    i legit need kolonopin anxiety wise it is night an day but yeah they are extremely addictive i think i will take them only on days i dont lift.

    but yeah they get a pill press throw some fent in there aong with the bars. 3 grains of salt of fentanyl can kill you so thats why they do it. in fact i know someone who does this. risky path to be takin
    wuold be smarter for them to just by unregulated research chemical benzos and use those an press em into xan bars
  15. MindlessWork

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    Benzo's are certainly risky and I learned that when I was a young man battling depression. Stay safe and be careful as others have mentioned.
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    Some people in my state died because of this as well and it angers me when the sleazeballs who lace benzo's with shit like that.

    If I ever need Xanax I'll get a script from the doc and go to a reputable pharmacy. Would never buy this off the street.
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    i hoonestly cant walk into a grocery store, imagine if u were going to steal a 50 inch tv and run out the store with it an u had a shirt on that said im a theif.

    thats the mental feeling i get walking into stores. i feel id be less nervous with a gun to my head than being in public, kolonopin kills that feeling. im hoping i can do few days a week or one week on one week off and hope it work. this all started because i smoked k2 ONE time at 13 and it screwed me up im exxtremely fearful for no reason and take a long time to feel comfortable in new places

    it sounds like im being a pussy but its a serious mental isssues ive trie d ever supplement known to man aside from cbd oil and ssris
  18. MindlessWork

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    Are you seeing any mental health professionals as well?
  19. Xragexx

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    Anxiety is very real bro, I used to have panic attacks. It can be paralyzing. Do you take any other drugs or medications that may contribute to your anxiety
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    yes i am, its like i know that i shouldnt care at all i know exactly what thoughts are irrational but its how i feel, im super self scnscious of my image i walk into public and fight or flight goes nuts