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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by benstone, Nov 4, 2004.

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    benstone Junior Member

    What is th ebest Anabolic to keep the gains? ive been told you lose it all wen u stop taking?
    I just want to do a cycle then keep gains through the gym work, is this possible?
    Obviously im a newbie so all help will be appreciated! I'm 6'1 and 200lbs


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    Helterskelter Junior Member

    If you lost it all when we stopped taking, you wouldn't see any huge motherfuckers in your gym or in the Mr. Olympia.
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    Grizzly Member

    Poor analogy as, most likely, the pros are on heavy cycles for most of, if not all of, the year.

    For you I would suggest laying off the AS for another couple of years until you figure out how to get to a respectable 225, which should be a piece of cake for a 6-footer.

    Other than that, the best anabolic to keep gains is....FOOD. You don't eat like a horse for 12 weeks and then revert back to eating like a bird. You continue to eat like a horse and then you keep your gains.
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    killiob Junior Member

    Grizzly is right, but if you insist on taking AAS, then I would make sure you have good pct plan, that is the only way to keep the gains after a cycle. Good luck.

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    benstone Junior Member

    thanks guys, so basically just keep on eating hey!!!!!!

    sorry to be ignorant whats pct?

    also is it a serious bad idea to take dianabol or something similar on a low dose by itself?
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    Hypertrophiac Junior Member

    judging from his picture the guy is not THAT small....the best steroid to keep gains IMO is fina, but that is too strong for a first cycle. EQ would be a perfect first cycle....wont shut you down, cheap, and rarely counterfeited. 400mg/wk for 10 weeks should be good.
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    Desibaba Member

    Just do a basic mass builer cycle.Like 500 mgs test a week, 400 mgs EQ a week and around 30 mgs Dbol a day.If you need it take 20 mgs of nolvadex a day too.Stay on it for around 10 weeks total.Of course you need to take your hcg and clomid when you come off to restart your production of natural testosterone. Of course you will notice a difference in your muscularity when you come off but if your diet and training are right it doesnt have to be very bad.
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    Patuba Junior Member

    pct is Post Cycle Therapy. It's when you take nolvadex or clomid or hcg to block estrogen and/or raise your natural test levels back to normal. It's a must for a steroid cycle so you'll keep you're gains.

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    billywolf Junior Member

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    Data1000 Junior Member

    sorry to be ignorant whats pct?

    PCT is Post Cycle Therapy. It is an absolute must at the completion of a cycle. For good information, read Pheezer's sticky about PCT. Using gear is a big decision. Get as much information as possible before deciding.

    Good luck and stay humble.

    ps. Horses eat Hay, not hey. ;)
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    t-money Member

    Do not just do a low dose of Dbol by itself. You will gain some water weight and strength initially. As soon as you stop the Dbol, you will lose all the weight and strength gains. If you want to do a good cycle use Test aas a base and Deca or EQ to back that up. Throw in some Dbol for the first few weeks if ya want to.

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    Crex Junior Member

    What a great canidate for steroids; clearly you've reached your genetic peak naturally and have already done your homework.
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    roidman Junior Member

    eq or deca and winny
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    test-one Junior Member

    bro if your dead set to use roids, you got your diet,training in check id say do a test only cycle. 500mg a week. statr slow bro. patience in this game is key! ;)
    this way youll see how you react...if you need anti E to combat estrogen sides ect.if you bloat easily and so on. just my .02
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    gersh Junior Member

    Only if I could go back and do my first cycle all over again.

    From the info you have here on MESO and others alike you should have a killer first cycle. The first should be your make it count.

    First off...make sure you budget eating a lot of good clean food. Believe it or not that adds up to be way more costly than AAS. Make sure you have all your supplements too.

    As far as AAS has already been mentioned above. There is nothing new and crazy out there. Stick with the basics. There is a reason people still talk about them...THEY WORK :)

    Just do 400-500mg TEST/wk (enanthate or cypionate) along with 400-450 mg of DECA or EQ /wk. You could throw in 25 mg/ day of dbol in the mix for the first 2 weeks if you have it. But honestly...being your first time...not that necessary. You may also find it necessary to take .5mg/ arimdex or 1.25 mg of letrozole Every other Day too....Helps prevent gyno and water bloat. The stuff is cheap and well worth it IMO.

    Stay on for 8 weeks. The AAS above will stay in your system for ~3 - 3.5 weeks after your last shot.

    At about week 10 or 11 start your pct therapy. I like taking very small doses of hcg of about 250 ius/day for about 3 weeks. Along with that 40mg nolva/day. That has what worked for me. A lot of guys also start taking HCG 500 iu/ week throughout their whole cycle. I have not yet tried this approach......but plan on it next time.

    Remember though your gains and results kept are only as good as the diet you maintained while on.

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    Mr.Glass Junior Member

    Although a novice on the amount of cytcles ive taken, ive been BBin for a while now and personally i think for this guy, if he's really dead set in using em, then you should use lower dosage than 500mg. I went from 212 to 234 on just 250mg test enan/200 eq, for about 11 weeks first cycle. Start small, wait on dbol, and if your diet and training are intellegent enough you will gain. If not your using aas's as a crutch, instead of a tool. READ READ READ
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    Zeo Junior Member

    I Did test only at 600mg a week and dbol for the first 4 weeks at 35mg a day and i gained 35 p and kept 20 of it from pct using nolv and clomid mix then using 6oxo After pct for test production.

    but food is the key bro
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    Zeo Junior Member

    Also i kept my strenght up , i can bench more acually then when i was on , but my leg work has went down some.
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    demarco Junior Member

    Of all the cycles I've done, I've kept the most muscle when I used tren.

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    smp Junior Member

    boys my nipples itch just thinking of dbol,i remember when thats all i would do in a cycle what a joke now if its not in a pin its not in my body,orals are way to harsh on the liver

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