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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by nycman, Dec 7, 2008.

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    nycman Junior Member

    What would you also say out of all steroids will help give you lasting results. I dont want to get huge on dbol and then when im done shrink down again.

    what do you experts think?
    i know you cant reallty keep all your gains when you go off but what do u think is best combination of ones that give you lasting results?
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    robyflexx Junior Member

    I've had good results at keeping gains made on EQ and tren e.:D
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    KeepinMyGains Junior Member

    tren, EQ, Var is my preferred cycle of choice. Honestly the deciding factor is just not only what you run, but your PCT as well.
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    groundNpound Junior Member

    eq & cyp. also know many that have kept good gains with var.

    I agree; d bol is worthless.

    KeepingGains is definitely right about the pct. If you shut down your system you pretty much loose everything and then some so it really didn't matter what you took in that case.
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    MrBman Junior Member

    Tapering works ... beleive it or not - not so much with low does test cycles ... but with higher dosages ... i definitely felt a difference ...

    but yeaa you're going to lose a lot more when you use mass agents ... Deca ... anadrol, dianabol .... even test ... though in my books test should be run on every cycle

    Gains made from substances such as Winstrol, turinabol, Eq ... are much easier to keep ...

    tren gives you great dry gains ... you can keep a decent bit of them ... but i find dropping tren a few weeks before test is a good call ... pretty harsh on the HPTA ... then proceeding to taper off test is a better call ... to keep gains when doin a tren / test cycle
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    jasthace Member

    You can refer to this chart if you like

    Steroid Effectiveness Chart

    ps there's plenty of advertisers at this site,probably all scams,please pay no attention to them.
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    andysutils Member

    nice :D, whats the benefit of taking tren e over ace? apart from e being a longer ester?
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    robyflexx Junior Member

    Less frequent injections and tren e burns a lot of fat IMO, i don't get tren cough on tren e either. There is a bi-tren out there that i find interesting, it's dosed at 75mgs tren a and 100mgs tren e, this is cool since tren a will give you a faster initial response. I'm actually trying to decide between the bi-tren or tren e for my cutting cycle.:)
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    dennis Member

    Slow and steady gains are the easiest to keep.....:D
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    robyflexx Junior Member

    Dually noted, thanks, Dennis.:) That made my decision easier.
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    Mr. Shoulders

    Mr. Shoulders Junior Member

    The longer you are on the better chance you have of keeping your new mass
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    andysutils Member

    in a perfect world, that would be music to my ears and everyone elses, but the longer you are up, the harder you fall down when coming off right?
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    KeepinMyGains Junior Member

    IMO the longer on cycle the harder the recovery. I can run a 8 Week Prop and winstrol cycle and recovery faster then a 20 week cycle.
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    robyflexx Junior Member

    This has also been my experience, another thing i try to do is run dosages which will allow me to make gains that are more realistic in terms of keeping them when coming off. When running huge dosages upon discontinuing the products the amount lost can be so great that some people just loose their motivation or fall into depression. ;)
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    Porthos Junior Member

    first off is this your first cycle? and if not how many cycles have you done... because if this is your first cycle then the advise will be very different...

    for example .. I personally would never recommend tren for a first time cycle...
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    solo47 Member

    With respect, I don't believe this is so. If you're on a long time and really stop all AAS and do a complete pct and off-cycle wait-time, you're more likely to lose your gains because your own HPTA will remain suppressed much longer. What Mr. Shoulders is saying is true but only if you cruise between cycles, that is, stay on some AAS between cycles, but this has no relevance to the question of retaining gains post-cycle.

    Long ester Test and EQ are known for their gain retention, but I have to agree with those who suggest the potent tren enanthate. My big Tren e cycle created a metamorphosis in my body that never quite disappeared. Still, gains will lessen after any AAS when you go off-cycle.

    The only things that allow most of your gains to remain off-cycle (given continuing workouts & proper diet) are human growth hormone (hGH) and/or insulin-like growth factor (igf-1).

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    Mr. Shoulders

    Mr. Shoulders Junior Member

    My statement was taking into consideration your bodies adaptation to a changed homostasis...The longer you defeat natural homostasis the better the chance or a reset taking place...Also...hcg throughout long cycles aid in a faster start-up but all is relative to the particular aas substance you are using. Length of cycle doesn't always have to be a negative...At my age I would probably be on hrt when and if I do come off anyway
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    LifeSize Junior Member

    hcg + long cycle..
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    MesomorphosisGuy Junior Member

    The chart is absolutely useless. I would even dare to say that it is a complete bullsh*t. For example, turinabol and stanozolol are very effective strength builders, but stanozolol certainly isn't without unpleasant side effects like hair loss, acne or elevated liver enzymes. On the other hand, nandrolone will suppress your endogenous testosterone to such a level that without a strong pct, within 2 months you will be on the same level like before your cycle. Four stars as a keeper of gains? No way! Laughable!

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