Best Brand/Lab Money Can Buy For All Around Cycle?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by John White, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. John White

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    Upon doing extensive research it clear that everyone has an OPINION as to what they'd prefer but I also noticed that money always played a pivotal role in said persons opinions.

    I also see that one lab gets praises by some and insults by others or even praises one day and insults the next by the same person. Things seem to change a lot.

    It looks like Pharmacom through Darius has been consistent and that's my safest bet but is it my ' One Stop Shop ' ?

    I'd like to take HGH at 2iu a day and I'm fully aware that it's hard to beat big pharma on this.

    Also when it comes to one compound or another it seems that one or another lab specializes in making the best of that compound.

    So the big question is. If you had money NOT to burn but to spend WISELY and you were told to get from whatever brand/lab you wanted.. Whom would you choose?

    Or is this not a legitimate question?
    Does there exist ONE LAB that makes THE BEST compounds ALL AROUND...BAR NONE.

    If your asking why I'm posting this? It's because I came to the conclusion to spend my entire cycle with PharmaCom and am wondering if that was foolish? Or should I get a certain compound from one place and another from the next?

    Attached is a list of the pharm labs that I found were good but couldn't really find online..

    Another is a list of stuff I plan on ordering invade your curious what all I'm talking about!

    Here is a link to my previous thread so you understand what it is I'm trying to accomplish:
    Pharmacom Mix Tren/Pharmacom Mix 4/Primo/Equipoise
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  3. Bob Dole

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    You have to research and decide for yourself.
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    Best brand/ lab money can buy??? Watson, Bayer and real HGH from HIV/ Aids patients.
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  5. Bmwforme

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    The amount of gh you have in your screen shot is a waste . 30iu what is that going to go? Nothing.
  6. John White

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    36iu x3 bottles

    What r YOU talking about?

    Pic up your skirt... Lean over and check the screen next time YOU IDIOT!!!!
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    Hey dumb ass your screen shot says 3 bottles which are 10iu each - what exactly do you expect to gain from that small a dose of gh - Pharmacom gh is sold in 10iu bottles - 10 bottles make a lot of 100iu - a whole lot is $360 less any discount you might get- please tell me I'm wrong because I have 600iu of pharmacom gh sitting in my fridge
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    It would be wise to decide for yourself after reading all those threads. it's safer to trust your own judgment than someone else's don't you think?
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    Take this nice ladies advice :).
  10. John White

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    ^^^^the answer is

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  11. penche

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    You're basically asking who to buy from and already considering hgh. Please more research and leave the growth alone until you're fully educated on it.

    Whether you're here, google or wherever, reviews are ok. However, Blood Panels/labmax/HPLC testing, are areas to look for. You must decide and do your own homework. The oil is going in you not us. Good luck
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    @John White - Congratulation on killing a kitten!

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  14. NovaFlex

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    So you want to run hgh with no history of cycling?

    why not just put your money in my PayPal and call it a day? You'll end up with the same result.
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  16. ronin17

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    Maximus Labs. GTG!!!
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    Do you rep for them / affiliated lol? This is the send time in like a hour period you mention them. Haha.
  18. Its just a joke lab posted by a member here mocking all the shitty labs out there
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    Thanks for explaining lol
  20. pmac928

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    Bud just keep doing a little more research. Keep in mind even though china had been a little better over the past 8 months-year (at least from what I've seen) we.are ALWAYS at there mercy. Pharmacom seems to be the most consistent imo but you know what I haven't ran them nor do I probably ever plan on running that lab.
    As for the gh I strongly suggest going pharma. I hear a source here has some seros at a decent price of course if ypu can afford it. Ive ran almost every fucking generic out there for well over a year and in the end i can say it probably wasnt worth what i spent. Its so inconsistent and who knows what fillers are in some of that shit. Sure the grey top were very good but they are one of the few. Keep reading bro and make a better educated decision .

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