best chapstick while on accutane?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by clet, Oct 8, 2004.

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    clet Junior Member

    what is the best chapstick while on accutane? the worst side effect i have experienced is dry lips on accutane and regular chapstick doesn't seem to do much. does anybody have any experience with this and have a recomendation?

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    Starkraven Junior Member

    ive used accutane and also had dry lips. there are plenty of other lip balms and other items at your local rite-aid or wal-mart stores. check out the aisles first.
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    big roid

    big roid Junior Member

    I use the medicated kind when on accutane. The secret is applying it very frequently.
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    Aldara Junior Member

    That's exactly right. There really is no one chap stick that will benefit you over another. You have to apply it 50 times a day. I know people who ware lip balm on a string around their neck because they have to use it that often.

    To me chap stick is mostly just wax. Try that stuff that comes in a small flat tin that you have to put your finger into to apply it to you lips.There are other's that are in a little squeeze tube. If your lips are really cracked and sore, that might go on a little easier and get between the cracks better.

    Also, most guys don't care to know this but...the girls section of any store will usually have a far, far superior selection of (uncolored - unscented ) lip moisturizing products. Using them doesn't make you gay, just smarter for having the balls to think outside the box :)

    Hope this helped...


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    need2lift Junior Member

    Labello is the best I've ever used. Kind of hard to find it in the US, but you can do an internet search and order it. My girlfriend goes to Germany fairly often and always brings us back at least 6 or 8 tubes.
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    pupeye Junior Member

    I used cocoa butter. Comes in a stick just like chapstic. I use it all the time now because it worked so well.
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    EDED Junior Member

    try Vaseline Lip Therapy chapstick, apply little bit frequently, dont put too much on unless you wanna be called "gloss lips" by your peers,,,better than the waxy kinds though
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    Mark Kerr

    Mark Kerr Junior Member

    I wouldnt use a chap "stick." I would use the kind that come-out very wet and mushy, not a hard wax stick.

    I wish I could remember the brand I used, but it was awesome.

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