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  1. B-Irons

    B-Irons Member, in doing research and putting some thought into it;

    What, in the opinion of the forum, is the best cutting cycle - bottom line period?
  2. Maven3

    Maven3 Member

    Fairly dependent on your personal history really. For the more experienced guys Im fairly sure they will all go for tren.

    If you havent cycled much then anything will do really. Just comes down to your diet. I believe Test Prop plus var over 8 weeks would be a nice cutting cycle.
  3. tubesox

    tubesox Member

    what is your BF% and weight
  4. tubesox

    tubesox Member

    anything will do? nah...deca wont do, NPP wont do, long estered Tests wont do, Dbol wont do.....etc etc etc
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  5. jets

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    I respectfully disagree. Test is test and no matter what will make you retain water. As long as you have your E in check you can cut with test e/c/p. In all the research I have done(not much compared to others,) I have yet to find that prop makes one retain less water weight, I just think it has to do with the short ester attached to it, that gives the user that feeling. You can cut on just about anything but of course there are better compounds. Prop/var would be a great second cycle cutter but if your looking for the best I'd have to say prop/tren/mast/var are the go to for the experienced guys here. jmho:)
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  6. Gunrunner

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    There's a cutting cycle and then there's a contest cutting cyle. Just to keep it simple a very good cutting cycle is:

    Var for last 4 weeks
  7. Mike Oxbig

    Mike Oxbig Member

    tren A/Test P/Mast P blends are nicknamed 'cut blends' for valid reason. I've personally never used Var but it's supposedly great for cutting.

    If I was to do a cut cycle that would be my cocktail of choice with a wee bit of t3 and clen/albuterol thrown in for good measure.
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  8. joe0035

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    I want to run this so bad but I think I am to afraid of the bp rise from tren I am not getting any younger!! ;)
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  9. TheGuy85

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    :ditto: That pretty much is the cookie cutter, cut cycle, you could use winny instead of var though I guess. But I wouldn't use winny, personally, only because I don't want a bald head. Winny would be a cheaper alternative and if your not prone to male pattern baldness and don't mind possibly getting some joint pain, go for it. Var is the rich man's oral :D. And like Mike said you could run some clenbuterol or albuterol (or t3 if you want). I would also run the clen, Albuterol or T3 during pct as well.

    I've seen people recommending using Anavar at low doses to prevent roll back/loss of gains during PCT because it doesn't shut you down at low doses (I do not know the validity of this).
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  10. Mike Oxbig

    Mike Oxbig Member

    Not sure I would agree with running T3 or cutting during PCT. That's a recipe for disaster IMO.
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  11. TheGuy85

    TheGuy85 Member

    I have never ran any of them, and I would never use t3 personally. But I have heard of people doing something like clen/albuterol/T3 + 40mg Anavar + clomid/nolva, on pct. Or even Clen/Albuterol/T3 + 20mg Winny + Clomid/Nolva (I don't mean use all the x/x compounds together just one of them). I would rather stay away from Clen as well, my boy used to use it and stopped because it made him real jittery and his heart would beat really fast. I might try an Albuterol + low mg Anavar dose on PCT to see what happens though. If I keep more gains and I recover fine it would be a huge step. I lose a lot of gains after every cycle (except for that 2 weeker I ran). I try to eat heavy on PCT as well and end up carrying some body fat.
  12. Chaser4life

    Chaser4life Member

    Im running a lot of Test, alot of tren A, some tren E, a lot of Mast E and just started to add in a lot of Primo.

    Needless to say, its a great cut cycle

  13. If you have no experience with t3 you shouldn't advise people to run it through pct. T3 eats muscle and needs to be run with some test at a min. A guys could easily chew through all his gains on pct with t3.
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  14. matthew0628

    matthew0628 Member

    40mg of Anavar during p.c.t probably would shut you down...or keep you shut down.
  15. TheGuy85

    TheGuy85 Member

    I wouldn't use T3, as I mentioned in my post. I don't believe I gave the impression that I was advising the use of t3 and actually advised against using it at all. I also advised against using clen for reasons previously stated. I did say that other people do this on PCT, some I know in person. I have seen guys run a SERM + Slin + T3 PCT.

    If I gave the impression that anyone SHOULD do this, I apologize. Like I said, I wouldn't use T3 or Clen, but I am willing to try albuterol + low mg Anavar during PCT.
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  16. TheGuy85

    TheGuy85 Member

  17. matthew0628

    matthew0628 Member

    That was a good read bro. Very interesting. I basically concluded for a couple weeks you can opt to take 10mg car to keep you from feeling drained and for psychological reasons related to not wanting to come off. It may slow the p.c t but give you the needed boost that is absent first two weeks of p.c.t
  18. TheGuy85

    TheGuy85 Member

    First 2 weeks on pct I lose a lot :(. I think it is worth a shot, I can always extend my PCT. So I could run a SERM + low dose of var + albuterol (to keep body fat off).
  19. Gunrunner

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    First off t3 is very dangerous to use so it is best left for advanced/experienced users. T3 is catabolic, it will eat away your muscle and pct is not the time to use it.

    Var will shut you down or keep you shut down. PCT is not the time to take any AAS, not matter how weak it is. End of story!!!!!

    You could look at using albuterol during PCT as it has some mild Anti-Catabolic properties and is a good fat burner.

    nolva during PCT (or on cycle) helps you harden up.
  20. Chaser4life

    Chaser4life Member

    ^^^^^This! I wouldnt even do a fat burner besides maybe caffeine. Just lock you diet down hard for about 6 weeks. A diet that will promote great recovery and maintain muscle with low fat content (except healthy fat). Perhaps use a Sarm, but I would advise looking into it, but i believe that doesnt shut you down.