Best cycle kickstarter in your opinion. Dbol, Anabol, other?

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  1. OnTheRize

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    So I've been contemplating taking a kickstarter for my upcoming cycle and would like some experience on what you guys use when going this route. I've never ran one and I want to look before I leap and make a purchase.

    I'm looking to bulk and will be running a relatively mild cycle of 500mgs Test-C and 300mgs NPP weekly with a front load on both. Will have aromasin and nolvadex on hand as needled for sides.

    Ideas on Kick starters?
    I've heard great things about both Dbol and Anadrol but I've got some concerns about each compound. I also don't really know much about Superdrol and don't know if that should be up for consideration.

    My concerns about these 2 compounds which are derived from what I've read anecdotally are:
    Anadrol, anecdotally can cause heavy water retention and gyno in some people which cannot be combated with an AI since it is not an aromatizeable compound. Anadrol can lower appetite in many. Anadrol is not as well tolerated as Dbol. Many people seem to feel like shit while on Anadrol.
    Dbol, anecdotally doesn't have the same initial strength gains as Anadrol and offers slightly less in terms of gains overall. Dbol causes water retention and gyno by conversion into a more potent form of estrogen than testosterone. Dbol should be run longer than Anadrol (greater liver toxicity?) To get similar effects.

    That being said, I know both compounds are liver 17aa and liver toxic. Anadrol seems to be a slightly bigger powerhouse. Dianabol appears to give some users an elevation in mood.
    If I run Anadrol, it would be at 50-100mgs for 4 weeks. If I run Dbol, it would be at 20-30mgs for 6 weeks.
    Any other suggestions on these 2 compounds? Any other kickstarters you gentlemen might suggest?
  2. Logan44551

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    I've read that kick starting with orals is counterproductive and are better used towards the end of a cycle to help breakthrough a plateau. Might think about running some test prop in the beginning along with the cyp. I'm sure someone else with more experience will chime in. The reason if I remember right as to use orals towards end is in the beginning it will bring on myostatin quicker
  3. bambam333

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    If I was to do one in the beginning for a bulk I would do dbol just for the fact that I can still eat on it. I like Anadrol when I’m at the end of a cut to retain strength and help not eat as much.
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    You are not going to need much of a kickstart with NPP as you would with Deca. It’s going to get to work in your system pretty quick. That being said I personally feel Dbol works as a better kickstarter then Adrol. For me it has a lot to do with the half-life. I feel Dbol works best taken all at once PWO with its 4 hour half-life. Trying to maintain steady blood levels is almost impossible. Adrol on the other hand can easily be devided up into 3 doses per day with its 8 hour half-life, so to me it makes sense to use Adrol later in the cycle to be part of the cycle and not just a kickstart. Don’t get me wrong, they both get to work quick but as for a pure kickstart, im definitely in the Dball camp.
  5. bob357sig

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    @OnTheRize , I forgot to mention I personally have never used Sdrol but guys have told me that it is true about it making you feel like shit, lethargic, toxic feeling, exc. pretty much everything you would want to avoid starting out a cycle. Just something to think about.
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    Appreciate the knowledge brother. Considering Dbol but I'm also now leaning on the idea of Test-P (or maybe Test-PP?) with my Test-C as starter. The difficulty for me would be calculating the doses of Test-P EOD till the Test-C is in full effect.

    Anyone has a chart a calculation method for this purpose?

    True, the NPP will go to work pretty quick. While I'm waiting for the Test-C to kick in I'll run Test-P if I can figure out the ratios or I'll just Dbol it I guess.
    I've read very little on Superdrol, but what I've read makes me wonder why people touch the stuff.
  7. Jankauskas

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    Following this theory or line of thought, the prop will do exactly the same thing as the orals in regards to myostatin.

    I personally kickstart with orals, because toward the end of my cruise period I start experiencing accute decreases in terms of strength, namely on the bench, and in order to preserve my strength and even improve it in the next blast, I find the orals are a huge help at the beggining of the blast.
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  8. mp46

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    The more I read people’s logs and what not the more I’m of the thought that you don’t want to kickstart. When you ramp up slowly your body has time to adjust and you have time to add calories and training intensity. Saving the orals for the end to break plateaus and and kick when you levels are saturated.
  9. EazyE

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    They like the clean mass and strength that comes quickly with Sdrol.
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  10. Turbo charged

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    Kick start with tren ace 50 mgs a day for 4 weeks then save oral for plateau buster
  11. Sworder

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    If you are frontloading then you aren't using a "kick starter" you are wanting to stack an oral with your cycle.

    You are misusing the terms which implies you don't know what you are talking about..

    If you want to try an oral go ahead, I prefer injectables.
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  12. OnTheRize

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    Appreciate the take on the matter and I understand your line of thought here. Would throwing in a plateau buster towards the end of a cycle help with maintaining gains post cycle? This is my ultimate goal for the fall/winter before I run another cycle in spring. Post cycle, I will return to a 150mgs weekly Test-C TRT dose till spring and try to hold on to everything thing I have.

    Is it worth the sides though? I guess the question is honestly subjective, but what are your thoughts?
    I'm all in for a reasonably tough diet and I get off on very intense training regardless but the degree that I might care to sacrifice my emotional state is yet to be determined. For example, If I turn out to be one of those guys that Nandrolone does in with deep depression then I'll drop NPP from my cycle but I feel confident about running it for the first time at 300mgs for now.

    I don't feel ready to run tren but I'm still considering the oral for later in my cycle.
  13. EazyE

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    The worst sides are the lethargy that sets in when using Sdrol. But it is an incredible oral.
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  14. mp46

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    That’s my plan. 500 test/deca for 16 weeks with dbol the last 6 weeks. Increase the dose throughout those 6 weeks as needed.
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  15. OnTheRize

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    When I've created threads with questions like these I've generally gained some excellent insight from our members here.
    A thanks to all of you for taking the time to add your experience and perspectives here for myself and others like me who are continuing to learn the ropes on cycling efficacy and safety.

    I've already gained a good bit of information on this topic but if anyone else has anything to add please do so.
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  16. Mac11wildcat

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    The best kickstart is no kickstart.
    Let your injectables build on their own without help. It is a BUILT IN plateau delay mechanism. There’s no reason to fuck with it.
    Save the orals/prop/tren whatever for LATE in the cycle when plateaus approach, because they always come.
  17. OnTheRize

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    Good to see members with as much experience as yourself still running safe effective cycles and not outlandish super dosed stacks...I'm looking to others who are playing the long game.
  18. Sworder

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    He is over a gram of AAS/week and you think that is not "outlandish super dosed stacks..."
  19. OnTheRize

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    Appreciate the suggestion. This seems to be the way a lot of members are leaning and kick starting my cycle with other compounds is sounding less appealing. I'll be avoiding tren altogether for now but I may throw in dbol when I plateau in my 12 week cycle and if I become unsatisfied with my progress.
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  20. Mac11wildcat

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    1g? Total? That isn’t by any means outlandish or superdosed...
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