Best diet to bulk ideas?

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    Hello guys just wondering what the best diet is to bulk I currently eat
    Morning : Porridge Oats
    Mid morning : All day breakfast wrap ( Sausage, Bacon, egg, hash brown)
    Lunch : 2 breasts Chicken Rice and salad with mix beans ( Black bean, kidney beans and chickpeas.)
    Dinner : 8oz Steak or 2 pork chops with rice and 2 boiled eggs.
    Tea : Omelette or Beans on toast with melted cheese mixed in
    Before bed snack: Porridge oats before bed.
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    Bulking is eating above maintenance to gain weight(guns), it depends on your body and how much calories need. Tell us more about your training, weight, height, age and metabolism rate.
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  3. Matt1999

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    I am 19 , 6ft , 11stone (roughly 70kg) I train everyday Monday to Saturday BMR - 1806
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    What is your bf percentage?
  5. DrankSlangin

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    What you’re eating for bulk can be the same as when you cut, only the macro ratios and carb timing may differ. Most important though as was said earlier, you want to be at least 200cal higher than TDEE.

    Your food content doesn’t look too bad. Some suggestions:

    I would eat animal protein every time you eat, definitely with your morning and bedtime porridge.

    Your mid morning meal is trash, lots of processed crap, very high saturated fat and bad carbs. I would duplicate or have something similar for mid morning as your lunch or dinner.

    Add more vegetables daily. All the colors of the spectrum so you get a wide variety of micronutrients. Your salad should have a base of spinach or kale, lettuce has little nutritional value. Add some purple or red cabbage to your salad, mix in some broccoli and mushrooms, carrots if you like, toss that bitch in apple cider vinegar. Even olive oil if your fat macro hasn’t been reached.
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    do you tap everything into myfitness pal or keep exact track of macros?
  7. Judging by your OP I can see that you have very limited knowledge regarding proper nutrition. So it's better to take it easy at first, @DrankSlangin suggestions were great and you should apply them. As a general rule of thumb, you want every meal to be as balanced as possible, meaning to have a high-quality protein source along with carbs and healthy fats.

    You should invest in reading some books that will help you have a better understanding of overall nutrition. I blindly recommend Eric Helm's Nutrition Pyramid book and/or watching some of his videos, great information to start with. [1]
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    Why the hate on saturated fats? Just curious. If that's the only meal he's eating that's even remotely high in them, I doubt it's an issue. He seems like he's gonna need the cals (tall, thin guy already) so he's bound to end up having to eat some less than ideal foods.

    Props to the guys who can slam 5k cals of grilled meats and raw veggies everyday for extended periods of time. I, and many others, can't do it . Save the restricted eating for cutting or prep.

    Note, I am not endorsing just eating like total shit in the name of "bulking" , but a breakfast wrap probably isn't gonna hurt him when the rest of his meals look like they do, and he's 6ft 170lbs. He needs cals.
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  9. @Dw725 Saturated fats are fine if he at least covers the minimum requirements for the 'essential' micronutrients. If he has nailed them down then I see no reason not to add some, they are 'quick' calories.

    The diet he posted had little to no micronutrient dense foods, hence why he got suggested to add some variety of greens and increase his overall vegetable portions.

    As I see it, it's ideal to have 85% of your overall diet 'clean' and the rest should be ok with 'junk' or high saturated fat foods.
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  11. DrankSlangin

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    He needs quality calories and more of them. Not necessarily hating on saturated fats, eggs have awesome saturated fats. Lean cuts of steak, coconut oil, fantastic saturated fats. Bacon, sausage, hash browns? Garbage food with little protein, bad carbs and huge amounts of saturated fat. That hash brown was likely fried in vegetable or canola oil. Do not eat that shit! It’s sooooo horrible for your body. On a cheat meal, ok fine. Daily? Fuck that.

    There is nothing restrictive about eating clean and quality macros. You do not need garbage food to hit 5K calories, just increase portion size and number of meals. Do you know how many calories and fat are in a couple tablespoons of olive oil and 1/8 of cup of almonds, walnuts or pecans? Bullshit clean eating should be for cutting only.

    You and many other can’t do it? Bullshit. That is a typical excuse you hear in our culture and nothing more than justifiying your addiction to junk food. Save that trash for cheat meals. No good reason to eat it daily, other than it satisfies your addicted brain.

    Why not get the absolute most from your hard work in the gym? Eat clean, look your and feel your best, and give your body everything it needs to build muscle and burn fat to the absolute best of its ability.

    Maximize nutrition and training.
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  12. Eman

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    Holy bejesus... Where did the breakfast wrap hurt you?
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    I’m very passionate and obsessed with nutrition. Combined with coffee this morning, I got a little excited.
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    That must be a hell of a cup of coffee.

    Bad carbs, clean foods, processed foods... Good grief.
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    No kidding!
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    Ironically, that poor cup of coffee, up until only recently really, has been accused of the same bad health problems that "processed" foods have been accused of ie diabetes, cancer, etc in today's culture.

    Hope someone else sees the humor in the irony... No one? Just me? :oops:
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    I hate that term. And that's not what I said.
  18. DrankSlangin

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    The difference there is that modern research has shown coffee can actually help protect against some of the same health conditions brought on by consuming processed food on a daily basis, such as diabetes and cancer. Old studies on coffee never took into account many things that could come with coffee consumption, such as smoking and a sedentary lifestyle.

    On the other hand, more and more research piles up on the negative health impacts of eating processed food on a daily basis.
  19. Eman

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    Processed food with a propensity to be high in calories? I agree. All of the health impacts you're referring to correlate to obesity, not processed foods.. whatever that really means because it's a misleading clickbait term.

    The arguments always fall back on calorie balance, and in the rare instances that they don't it falls back on a a combination of calorie balance and macro structure.
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    When you said “save the restricted eating for cutting or contest prep”, I took it as you implied cutting out unhealthy food is “restricted eating”.

    Looking at your profile pic it is quite obvious you know exactly what you’re doing and how many calories and fat are in certain foods, I apologize for insulting your intelligence. It was definitely not my intention.