best hgh experiences

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    EAST COAST DUDE Junior Member

    Hey guys,

    wondering what is the best pharma HGH you guys ever experienced?

  2. Mighty-mouse

    Mighty-mouse Member

    I’m confused about the question. But I will give you my best experience ever.

    Bought hgh
    It was hgh
    It worked

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  3. Tiredandhot

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    Good generic can produce Similar or same results as pharma. You running optis is a classic example.
  4. DonaldPump123

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    GH made my cock grow an inch! It is now a full 2 inches
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  5. Mighty-mouse

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    Then I was hoodwinked!!! I want a refund
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  6. Sloppychauncy

    Sloppychauncy Member

    LMAOOOOO, wow dayummm a whole 2 inches?!?! what kind was it, generic or brand???
  7. Omegistosalex

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    I was a woman and i grew a cock
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