Best home purchase you ever made

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  1. I’d have to say the best bang for my $$ has been gutters, water softener, and bringing my cabinets to the ceiling in the kitchen. Always looking for new ways to raise value so I’m wondering what y’all have done. Solar panels are in my future just not sure when, everything I’ve read said they pay for themselves within two years. You can even finance them these days lol
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    I got a wife. Shit's getting done around the homestead and my std risks have plummeted.

  3. Depreciates 25% as soon as you drive it off the lot and only goes down from there. Haha
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    The wife is standing on the very left of the screen for reference. She's 5'8.

    We have a pretty beefy (semi-expensive) home theater set up. This photo does not do it justice and it was taken on an angle so the screen looks smaller than it is but the projecter is a short throw high def @ 1080p. The screen material is the same they use for drive-in theaters placed over a standard 2x4 frame that I just nailed together and hung on the wall like a picture frame.

    The screen is 144" diagonal, roughly 12ft across & 7 ft tall. The photo does NOT do it justice. It's huge. We also have a few la-z boy chairs.

    Have it setup to a HTPC with a large server and a massive collection.

    Have had it for a few years and also have some of the top end tier of Klipsch speakers. Have our basement totally surround sound it's 7.1 soon to be 7.2. Our subwoofer is 12" and it's ridiculously good. Having our receiver turned to 15% volume the walls are shaking and any louder has neighbors complaining. You can literally feel it in your chest when someone gets shot or there's an explosion.

    The sound from the speakers is so clear on the high and low ends that we've very seriously thought there are things happening in the house when it happens in movies or tv shows. Glass shattering, banging on doors, other random background noises have had us pausing it and being really confused looking around the house.
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    Lol, good start. That screen isn't nearly big enough! What do you have for a projector? I read an article or two about AV stuff before....
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  6. That’s sick man. Truly something that probably just about every dude wants in their house is a home theatre set up. I’m working with about 3300 sq ft right now and I couldn’t figure out where to do something like that unless I went for an addition. I’m definitely jealous though.
    I bought a wireless klipsch speaker about 5 years ago not having any clue about the brand. To this day that thing still beats down the block so I can only imagine what you’re working with
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    I know and I totally agree.

    BenQ W1080ST Projector

    It can throw way bigger but it's hard to explain how my basement is laid out. It's an awkward setup and there's a pole 16' away from that screen right in the center of the floor and the wall the screen is against isn't big enough for me to stretch it larger without it covering the center channel speaker in the center of that photo at the bottom.

    Once we move in a few years i'm going to be building a serious home theater with around a 200" diagonal screen. Mark my words, it will happen lol

    The screen is definitely more impressive than the photo shows tho!
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    I'm rocking a digital projection d-vision 30 XL. I don't use it often but it's a great machine. I'm building a house right now and we are trying to find a way to integrate it into our design, as you pointed out, not always easy.

    I'm an av dork. Probably the biggest av dork on this board. I've been doing it professionally since 1999.
  9. Sound like a buddy of mine. The AV quality is never good enough. He’ll spend an entire movie messing with the settings instead of watching the damn thing
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    That's a solid projector but the price lol, damn.

    I wasn't going for super amazing just wanted something that was passable as high def. The 1080ST has served it's purpose quite well but when we have the new house built if the projector isn't handling the size of screen I'm after I'll likely go another route.

    All in all, IIRC, the entire setup was around 10k. Didn't really want to spend much more than that so I went higher budget wise on the speakers so down the road I could upgrade the projector opposed to having an amazing projector and replacing the speakers lol

    What kind of setup do you have if you don't mind my asking?
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    A new lawn mower so the kids couldn't bitch about the old one.
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    What kind of lawn mower did you have previously?

    I remember the lawn mower we always had when I was growing up. That shit was dangerous and would "come back to life" at random times when you'd think it was totally off.
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    Don't remember but yours sounds about the same I would tell them just don't get your hands or feet near it and give it 10 min to make sure it was dead
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    Also a waterless hot water tank. I get hot showers now
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    It can become obsessive, no doubt.

    I'm not too bad though. As long as edid is good, and the sound has been balanced well I'm a happy camper.

    I love outdoor shit the best. It's almost worry free because you can't tune audio outside (no confined spaces, it's the easiest thing ever) and video is as simple as turn it on and make it hit the screen.

    one of the perks to being a pro AV guy is dealer status and exposure to the inner workings of the sales structures. I didn't pay out the ass for it. The killer about this stuff is the resale price. I maybe have 500 hours on that thing and it would sell for like 3k max. Crazy shit lol.

    my setup is out of sorts as we speak because of my living situation but I have some cool gear.

    I have three screens for the projector: one being a modest pull down that we've used indoors but it's just a white fabric so nothing special really (being replaced in the buildout with a true HD screen that'll be recessed into the ceiling), a giant 13' wide screen for outdoor use but it's a high definition fabric so you actually get high def resolution being thrown back at your eyes (made to mount to a wall or ceiling), and a giant portable screen that has metal frame, can be setup anywhere (not true HD fabric). This is commonly used for ufc fights or other cool shit during the summer and fall.

    For audio I have a bunch of new stuff for the buildout. I have 10 pairs of ceiling speakers (crestron aspire ic6) for whole house audio, I'll have 4 or 5 Sonos zones to accommodate. I run everything through a couple biamp tesira DSPs for tuning, control and distribution. I use a crown amp and a crestron amp to drive the speakers (crown cts 8200 + crestron 1200-70).

    For control of everything I use a crestron cp3n processor. I have a few tsw-760 panels for control but with the new house I'm most likely just going to develop a cellphone app for each room. (Although the Sonos gear will be using its own phone software, too). I figure I'll have a tsw-760 in the living and master areas (along with app control), every other space will just have app control.

    Video is undecided as of yet. I do have a crestron dmps3-4k-150-c and a variety of video distribution shit, but I'm not certain of what I'm putting where. I'm trying to get a commercial grade monitor for the living room but those can get costly. They are a better product though, not even for one second do I think otherwise.

    I'm just starting to put my brain on the home theater side of this shit, tbh. I have a couple receivers (Yamaha, Denon and a marantz) but they are all children's toys. I've been thinking about a used Mcintosh system. They're amazing for quality and sound reproduction. Play a real vinal record through a Mcintosh system and try to not loose your mind by how wicked it sounds. It's unreal how much we are missing from music with streaming. It's really convenient but half as good. Looking at like 4/5 grand for something respectable in the "high end" category for a receiver. The only problem with getting a head unit like that is now you need speakers that can reproduce what the receiver is capable of. I generally lean to B&W for this buuuuuuuut my budget can only handle so much before a beautiful 5'2" blond woman with double d boobs decides to cleave off my balls for spending all of this money without telling her....
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    Like a MAC7200 is around 4k used. Perfect. In 20 years it'll still sell for 2/3k and sound as good as the day it was first burnt in.
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    No room for a projector, plus my room is too bright. Running a 65VT50 plasma with 6920ci Dennon, and a JBL Studio 5 series 5.1 with a L8400P sub. Once the plasma goes it will be replaced with a 75-82” OLED (C9 equivalent whenever the time comes).

    Wish I could have a dedicated theater room, but I can’t make friends/family sleep in a theater room. Jealous of those who can run large screens in a completely dark room. That’s definitely where the whole experience is at.
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    OLED is nice...
  19. Waterless? Does it spray air or pixie dust?
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    @ickyrica im so pissed. This Christmas I bought a sound bar and sub just because I wanted something better than the stock tv when I listen to music. I should have reached out. It’s a 38” visio and 8” sub I think. It was relatively cheap and it does crank pretty good for the price but I hear the difference when I turn it all the way up on something hard and fast.
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