Best meal plan for an 18 year old

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  1. RPZ

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    This question is for my son , and before I go spitt'n off shit like I know everything I wanted to pose the question to you all.

    Obviously he is trying to add muscle and size.
    5' 11
    165 lbs
    16% bf
    lifting 4 days a week
    5 days a week light cardio ( baseball practice) some days more conditioning than others.

    Calories are all over the place , so is protein in take which I think is the main problem. So I'm just looking to come up with plan and try to help him stick with it.
    Are there any sups safe for someone that young ?
  2. tengtren

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    Have him focus on
    - Squat
    - Stiff leg deads
    - Deadlifts
    - Barbell rows
    - T-bar rows
    - Pull ups
    - Bench press all angles
    - Standing barbell press
    With stuff like flys lateral and rear lateral raises ham curls and leg extensions as secondary movements

    When he starts this he will begin to get hungry AS FUCK so just have him eat when he's hungry but needs to be equal amount of protein carbs and fats

    Meal examples:
    - Steak, rice or potatoes, 1/4 stick of butter or some cheese
    - As many eggs as he likes, as much grits as he wants with butter or cheese in the grits
    - **shake** 1cup eggwhites 1 scoop whey, half cut oats, 2 tbsp nut butter
    - Make this: 2lbs ground beef browned, add to marinara sauce on stove and heat. 1 box pasta with half stick butter or cheese. Spice as you like ( this is 2-3 meals)

    Supplements are simple. Fish oil, a whole food vitamin c, magnesium glycinate. Creatine is good, a quality whey isolate or hydrolyzed whey powder or if he can stomach it liquid egg whites.
    Instill in his mind these are really the only supps worth anything. If he want to take a preworkout take him to Starbucks and order a Tall Cold Brew no water with a shot of espresso. Don't let him waste his money on garbage powders have him spend that money on steak pasta chicken rice eggs potatos and grits

    This is invaluable info that will pack the weight ON
  3. Demondosage

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    Calories are king, his metabolism and activity level will take care of the rest. Also, for baseball it doesn't help being too big, it'll slow you down.

    Extras sandwiches for lunch, pasta for dinner , ground beef here and there, subs, pizza, just get in the cals. Don't worry about protein powder or any of that shit, just tell him to eat!!!
  4. BigNattyDaddy

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    Add a few protein shakes to his diet
  5. cfreetenor

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    Does he lift on his own?

    If so I would say just get him on a beginner program - SL 5x5 or Starting strength, and get his protein to ~200 g a day or more and his calories to 5k or more for a few weeks.

    That’s what I did a year ago when I was 25 with similar stats and I put on 30 lbs and maybe 4%bf in two months.

    Rapid strength and weight gains come better at first with 3 weekly lifting sessions.

    Lots of good food ideas. PbJ is great too, and easy. Pasta ditto. Hamburgers. Get him in the gym and give him double helpings at dinner.
  6. RPZ

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    Thanks for the replies I really appreciate all the helpful info.

    Tengtren those meal examples look prime thanks

    Cfree tenor,
    Yes he does lift on his own but I’d like to get him in with me at least once a week so we can add weight and track pr’s.
    Love the 5x5
  7. cfreetenor

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    I meant as opposed to with a coach, so he could set his own program.

    I personally started with the 5x5 and went to SS linear progression when sets 4 and 5 were too much of a grind. Let me keep raising my PRs.