Best oral and injectable contraceptives for women?

Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by master.on, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. master.on

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    I apologize if this is a bit OT
    but many women complain of contraceptives side effects (tiredness, weight gain, dizziness)

    Which are the best ones?
  2. Eman

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    For you I recommend abstinence... Even 99.999% effective is too much to risk reproduction.
  3. master.on

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    I heard many women like Provera / Depo Provera
    and they prefer the monthly Provera to the 3 month Depo Provera as it makes them feel less tired and gain less wieght.

    I wonder if they prefer them because they're injectables, just because they don't have to remember their daily pill, or if they're actually better than pills.
  4. Holidaypay

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    Put it in her ass its 100% affective guarenteed
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  5. master.on

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    I was asking about contraceptive preferences to make some extrapolations about their chemical structure, as compared to anabolic steroids.

    May I get some serious answers now?
  6. Perrin Aybara

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    Vasectomy, then there's no worries about what they take or don't take.
  7. Holidaypay

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    I was serious
  8. Savagesteve

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    Anal is also an alternative.