Best place to buy bitcoin in US?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by Sss23, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. Sss23

    Sss23 Member

    What’s the best place to buy bitcoin in the US? With ability to transfer to wallet/use a normal debit card to purchase
  2. JC Grifter

    JC Grifter Member

    I’m pretty sure you can do it with Cash App. I haven’t tried but it looks like you can.
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  3. Grab Bag

    Grab Bag Member

    Cash app is easiest. Then transfer to another wallet like green wallet before you spend.
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  4. Yes. Cashapp..

    You'll need to be verified via drivers license and it takes about 24hrs. But you're not doing anything illegal right?

    You'll be fine.
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  5. TNotch347

    TNotch347 Member

    This! Or coinmama is good to
  6. Jurgen

    Jurgen Member

    Coinmama. I’ve had issues with cash app not scanning id and emailing them for support was useless. Also this should have been posted in the crypto forum not underground
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  7. COBF

    COBF Member Supporter

    Cash app and their support helped me out a couple times!!
  8. bigrobbie

    bigrobbie Member Supporter

    Coinbase is ok, but don't forget about the trusty Bitcoin ATM! Easy as pie...
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  9. Grayscale Compounding

    Grayscale Compounding Member Supporter

    Bisq, it's anonymous and doesn't require any personal information that could be used to track you. It's not the most user friendly option, but it's definitely the safest.
  10. GOLDS99

    GOLDS99 Junior Member

    Cash App then transfer to Jaxx liberty then to source. Literally can make the entire transaction in under 1 min.
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