Best prices on rubber coated dumbbells?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by putazorra, Mar 30, 2020.

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    Hope everyone is staying safe.

    I wondered if anyone had a good source for buying dumbbells. It appears that scamazo...I mean amazon has some ridiculous pricing. A saw a set for a pair of two 20lb dumbbells for $69. That's price gouging, plain and simple.

    I found this site that appears to have decent pricing on rubber coated dumbbells saying they start at $1.29 per pound.

    Rubber Coat Hex Dumbbells 3-120 Pounds - SDR

    Anyone know of any place that has similar items at better prices? I'm eager to snatch some up and want to buy in the next few days.

    I'm interested in eventually creating a home gym in the next year or two so this will be a good investment. I'm not doing this just because we're going through a pandemic.
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  2. FB Market, craigslist, let go, but consider $1 a pound to be the standard. $1.29 and free delivery is worth it in my opinion.
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    I've been combing craiglist daily and found a decent looking leg press at a good price. I just don't have the space for one now until after I move into a bigger place.

    Update: Dang! Just went to order from the site I posted above and got a notice: "We are not accepting orders at this time."

    Guess Immuh have to wait.
  4. That sucks try to grab some bands. You’d be surprised the work out you can get with band, just loop to on something.

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    Thanks, I will. I am clueless when it comes to brands for bands. You have one you really like?
  6. Perrin Aybara

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    I suspect they're mostly all made in the same place and have different brands slapped on later. I've had some Rogue bands and various cheap Ebay and Amazon bands and they seem identical. Amazon and Ebay have some good package deals.
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    Thank you!
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    Ran across a guy selling a set of 5-50 with a rack the other day. Dipshit had them listed for 2K.

    After I tore him apart, three different posts because he kept trying to relist, I made an offer for 250 all in. Picked them up an hour later. :D
  9. putazorra

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    Hahaha..! All that and with a rack included. That's a very good deal.
  10. master.on

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    Why do they have to be rubber or plastic coated?
    Just buy a roll of rubber or a thick carpet, place it on the floor, be careful and you'll be fine.
  11. Logan44551

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    What a piece of shit, you should have just taken them from him. Fucking scum bags are trying to get 3-4 times the value of stuff right now
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    I saw one of those cheap sets like from Dick's with just a barbell and one pair of each size plate for $1k on Facebook swap last night.
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    Actually, it doesn't matter any longer. I am no longer concerned with them having a rubber coating. I'd be using them in a basement or a garage with a rubber mat.