Best remedy for injection site pain.

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Stretch, Apr 8, 2010.

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    Stretch Member

    remedies for injection site soreness????

    I'm just looking for some opinions guys. If someone injects some prop tonight, and it hurts like a bitch tomorrow, what's the best way you guys have found for injection site pain relief?

    The best thing I've found so far is ibuprofen it really does wonders to kill the soreness. For me at least.
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    Jrhodez Member

    Re: remedies for injection site soreness????

    Call me crazy lol, but I think to much ibuprofen suppresses protein synthesis. Then again when cycling, i doubt it's going to harm anything.

    I'm ready for the prop pain bring it on, lol.
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    Stretch Member

    Oh, it's coming bro. LOL, just wait.
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    drewbolic Member

    cutting your prop with sterile oil or b-12-no pain from the prop.

    I used syntrop's prop and it was like getting kicked in the muscle by a mule before someone hipped me to cutting it

    But strech if your running the lab I think your running:D no need it smooth and painless;)
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    Stretch Member

    Ya, I am running that lab. LOL

    but it's gonna hurt the for the first couple. And don't get me wrong I'm not worried, I don't care that it's gonna hurt.

    I'm not trying to sound like captain B.A. or anything, but I just don't care, it's gonna hurt like a bad bruise. big fuckin deal. I've had the pain before and I know what it's gonna feel like. It might inhibit my leg routines for a week or two before I adjust. I was more just trying to start a thought provoking thread.

    I've never cut any of my roids for this reason. I thought that if I diluted my gear, to the point where instead of injecting 1cc I'm injecting 1.5 or 2cc, that wouldn't fix the pain because I'm increasing the volume of material that I will be I wrong bro?? It's just what I think, and I have no experience to base it off.
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    stepUPdawg Junior Member

    Good question, would also like to know!
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    Meathead27 Member

    Close, but not quite. NSAID's(Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) decrease muscle inflammation, which in turn decreases muscle growth. It doesn't actually effect protein synthesis rates.

    The reason prop hurts is because it crashes inside the muscle. Prop is typically dosed at 100mg/mL. The muscle can only absorb 50mg of propianic acid per day, yet it can absorb 1mL of oil. Therefore, the remaining 50mg is still in the muscle, but is no longer suspended in oil.
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    newbie23 Member

    meat laying it down-i agree

    it doesnt hurt that bad-and it goes away soon as the test is booming
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    drewbolic Member

    yes you are increasing the volume of oil you are injecting but it works.

    if you have 1ml of prop dosed at 150mg and add 1ml b-12 its still dosed at 150mg but at 1.5.....and painless
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    Stretch Member

    I dont' have any b12 but I do have sterile oil. I think I'll use that.

    I'll post up the results too guys.
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    newbie23 Member

    try cutting it like drew said, but i might be scarin ya a bit-i had some GP test cyp that hurt just as much-most of the feedback on that prop is- " its the smoothest ive ever had"
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    Stretch Member

    Ya, I'm not scared, I originally posted the thread just to provoke thought. But, if it's really THAT easy just to dilute it and have nearly pain-free injections, then I guess I might as well, just because I already have 300cc of Sterile oil.

    My cycle starts tonight!

    1-12 Prop 150mg EOD
    4-12 tren E 400mg/week

    I was gonna run Tren A but I just get a way better deal on the Tren E, It won't be a big deal that I'm mixing short and long esters right?? I know it's better to try and match short with short esters, and long with long, but it's really no biggie right?
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    IronCore Member

    And if none of these recommendations work and it still hurts... you might want to try some vagisil...[:eek:)]
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    Stretch Member

    Fuck u fag

    LOL....good shit core, funny as usual
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    newbie23 Member

    LMFAO @ core
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    Prokendo Junior Member

    Just kidding. Prop hurts, maybe I have a high pain tolerance but I would not take Ibu or aceta for pain on cycle, especially if mixing orals here and there. Ibu is bad for the liver and aceta is bad for the stomach lining. I just read an article in JAMA, it is considering taking the 5.0 hydro / 500mg aceta off the market becuase it's ripping the stomack liners out of chronic pain users, about 4-6 pills a day. They are going to keep the 5 / 325 aceta on the market though. Funny, the opiate is healthier than the over the counter product. Not recomended by me though. Opiate addiction is very common place (actually, especially in athletes and BB) they just don't tell you all the time.

    I have tried everything "wholeistic" like warm water, message, ice packs, etc nothing works, and from what I heard nothing really does except pain killers. I even mixed lydocane and prop together, felt fine as usual for 4 hours and then more pain than usual. Don't do that.

    On a good note, once you get to the gym and warm up and start throwing some big weight around the pain at least for me goes away. Same if I go to bed and stay very still. Now getting out of bed is a completely different story.

    BTW, If I plan on doing a prop cycle, I buy tramadol/ultram in advance, it's not hepotoxic, not bad for your stomach, and works wonders. Non addictive too. It used to be over the counter but was so effective you need a script now. It's used a lot for cancer people, and rated for moderate to severe pain. Plus, you get no high off it so no worries about driving and all that.

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