Best roid for strength?

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  1. What is your opinion on the best steroid for strength?

    i'm not interested in Halo or any of the PWO style injects like Tne and so forth, please keep that in mind.

    i'm looking for something i can cycle along with my cruise dose that will give a noticeable boost in strength.
  2. BigNattyDaddy

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  3. gear shef

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    Winny has always given me insane strength gains but fuck that shit....destroys my lipids

    tren is the shit of coarse
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  4. BigMacLover

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    Superdrol for me, legit source at 20mg/die.
    4 week on - 4 week off- 4 week on
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  5. Morefyah

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    Minor sides- Trestolone, Deca, Test, Var, Dbol
    Bad Sides- SD, M1t, tren, Adrol,
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  6. AlwaysHungry

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    I don’t have try Halo. But for me the best strength gains come from Anavar
  7. ickyrica

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    My boy ran a low test cycle with a moderate dose of eq and he was also using tbol. He said the tbol addition really set off his strength above and beyond what he ever expected.
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  8. Test_Subject

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    Orals: superdrol or Anadrol

    Oils: tren, no contest. I added a full plate to my dips and maintained my full reps last time I ran tren.
  9. Perrin Aybara

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    Anavar for me, too. I think it's highly underrated and people consider it mostly for girls. I'm on my third run with it and both other times I made 50lb gains on at least one lift and never ran more than 50mg ED.
  10. G2Ready

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    Tren beast by itself, but add some mast and all my lifts go up:)
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  11. Ophydian

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    Anadrol, almost immediate 25% increase in strength. But then I haven’t tried many orals and tren was great but for instant results it was Adrol
  12. Dw725

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    Test is #1 by far.

    Anavar is close #2. Only downside is the back/shin pumps can be limiting in how much u use. I stay around 50 mg a day to limit this .

    tren would be at # 3 if u can fight the sleep deprivation aspect ( crucial for strength and way too overlooked ) , as well as the appetite suppression. These two issues don't necessarily effect everyone but they keep me from relying on tren as a maximum strength compound.

    So to me, test is King of Strength. U can ramp the dose as high as u need/want and the sides are manageable easily and likely dont negatively effect the other important aspects of strength (sleep, nutrition).
  13. AlwaysHungry

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    Anavar at 50mg ed around week 2-3 suddenly I can load the bar any weight I want and play with any dumbbells
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  14. TideGear

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    I've been on npp and eq for about 8 weeks and I'm very pleased with my strength gains
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  15. barneys

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  16. Brandaddy

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    My favorites are test and Anavar. I liked deca and dbol also but the unnecessary water weight didn't serve me justice when I had to make weight but didn't want to restrict calories or sodium.

    Right now my cycle for my meet is test and eq ran at the same mg per week. Then 6 weeks out im starting var amd upping the test/eq. Then 3 weeks out I'm throwing drol on top.

    The only thing i would personally change in this cycle if weight wasn't an issue is i would swap eq for deca. Eq isn't really seeming like it's doing anything the test wouldnt be doing itself.
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  17. TideGear

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    How long you been on the eq?
  18. master.on

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    EQ or Mast with Adrol and some hcg
    massive strength gains with little weight added (useful for competitive athletes).
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  19. Brandaddy

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    Going on 10 weeks pretty soon
  20. barneys

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    Lots of people praise EQ but fail to mention that they're also blasting the fuck out of test and maybe an oral. If they ran 250 test and high EQ only, then they'd realise that you might as well use olive oil instead of EQ
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