Best SARM for a cruise?

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    Which SARM would you take for a cruise or would you take one at all? Would it be ostarine or RAD-140? It seems like LGD is maybe too harsh and would be counterproductive for cruising? What dose would you take? Thanks.
  2. Never met a SARM i liked. i would stick to a Test only cruise or for shits and giggles, dump some Anavar in there if i'm really feeling frisky.
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    Wouldn't Anavar be overdoing it? My lipids are jacked right now at the end of this blast. I'm planning on cruising on 200mg test c, 1250iu hcg permanently, 4iu's GH and maybe a SARM.
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    clomid + Proviron for me.
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  5. Rad140
    However, please see below.
    I dont think there is enough SOLID information yet to incorporate something so new into a cruise.

    SARMs will have their place once their proven.

    Actually, some SARMs have been found to be AS effective as finastride for decreasing prostate ove weight.
    Some studies have found it to be as significant as 21-38% size decrease in a 2 week treatment!

    Obviously we need significantly more information before going HAM on this stuff.

    I find when running a SARM, my prostate health is much better.
    Usually by the end of my cycle, I begin to have some inflammation along with all the symptoms that go along with it.
    SARMs have helped me decrease prostate size.

    Currently in patiently awaiting more studies and information, might be a while lol.

    One source for the information I cited above.

    In conclusion.

    Promising... but don't take an experimental drug as a cruise booster.
    not YET anyways
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  6. If that's the case, keep things to a minimum and don't chance exacerbating the issue.
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    Ya i think I'm good with what I've got
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    I believe that, but realize that these tests are done with SARMs alone. SARMs don't convert to estrogen or DHT, so with no DHT you should definitely see prostrate reduction. SARMs, contrary to what shills say, reduces T production to extremely low levels. However, it's commonly known that you will generally feel pretty terribly after a few weeks on a SARM only run. Adding T will likely negate any benefits on the prostrate from running a SARM.
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    That's interesting what you say about sarms and prostate issues - since I have prostate problems ... wondering which one worked for you
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  10. You will still see prostate size reduction, wether on gear or not.
    To what extent, remains to be seen.
    Using Finastride still reduces overall prostate weight, while using supraphysiological levels as well.
    Albeit through a different method.

    SARMs are a waste of time by themselves.
    No one is here to even discuss that.
    Moot point.
    Bottoming out your Test levels by using a SARM as opposed to getting gains from AAS, makes no sense.

    As for the Cruise dose, where you are using exogenous testosterone (As per the OP)
    The topic of SARMs remains relevant.
    AND could be a valuable tool in the future.

    I used Rad140

    Let me say this as a disclaimer.
    It FELT better.
    Urination was much easier after beginning a protocal.
    Also didnt hurt like all hell when I had to take a shit.
    VERY anecdotal and I have zero proof beyond that research which I posted.

    Does adding exogenous T reduce finastride effectiveness... Maybe?
    You're making QUITE the leap by saying "Adding T will negate any benefit from running a SARM"

    Did you read the article
    SARMs are an agonist for the prostate tissue.
    Adding additional T wouldnt change that it's an Agonist.

    That's like saying a Dopamine Agonist wont work if you run tren.
    The pharmacokinetics dont change.

    HOW helpful on SUPRAPHYSIOLOGICAL amounts of T?
    Dont know precisely HOW beneficial, as there is no study on that, certainly.
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    I know that and thanks for sharing your experience, I was thinking I try using 5mg cialis per day . Have you tried yet ?
  12. I've used 10mg Cialis ED
    Great for BP
    Great for my libido during pct.

    Didnt know it had any effect on prostate!
    That's awesome!

    That being said, my libido is so high right now, I'd fuck a brick wall.
    I dont know if I (Or my wife) could handle Cialis right now lol.
    This Test and Proviron has sent me off the edge!
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    Understand that , I have been reading a lot about low dose cialis for prostate - mostly users feedback - you could take twice a week so . Supposed to relaxing the prostate " muscles" for easier flow etc...
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  14. Sworder

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    tadalafil once daily in the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) suggestive of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in men without erectile dysfunction
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    • To assess the safety and efficacy of tadalafil once daily on lower urinary tract symptoms suggestive of clinical benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH‐LUTS) in men without erectile dysfunction (ED).
    • To compare these with effects in men with ED.

    Patients and Methods

    • After a 4‐week washout period and 4‐week placebo run‐in period, 1089 men without ED (n = 338) and with ED (n = 751) were randomly assigned to placebo or tadalafil 5 mg once daily for 12 weeks in three global clinical studies with similar designs.
    • In the pooled dataset, post hoc analyses of covariance assessed the impact and severity of BPH‐LUTS using the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) and the BPH Impact Index (BII) and IPSS quality‐of‐life (IPSS‐QoL) subscores.
    • Safety was assessed using treatment‐emergent adverse events.
    • The treatment‐by‐ED‐status interaction was used to assess efficacy differences between the with/without ED subgroups.


    • Men without ED were similar in BPH‐LUTS severity/previous therapy to men with ED.
    • Tadalafil significantly reduced BPH‐LUTS from baseline when compared with placebo in men without ED (IPSS −5.4 vs −3.3, P < 0.01; IPSS voiding subscore −3.5 vs −2.0, P < 0.01; IPSS storage subscore −1.9 vs −1.3, P < 0.05).
    • Tadalafil also significantly improved quality of life from baseline when compared with placebo in men without ED (IPSS‐QoL −1.0 vs −0.7, BII −1.4 vs −1.0; both P < 0.05).
    • Between‐ED‐subgroup interactions were not significant (all P > 0.68).
    • Tadalafil was safe and well tolerated.


    • Tadalafil 5 mg once daily improved BPH‐LUTS in men without ED by a magnitude similar to that observed in men with ED.
    • The adverse event profile in men without ED was consistent with that observed in men with ED.

    Effect of Tadalafil on prostate haemodynamics: preliminary evaluation with contrast-enhanced US

    Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors have an established role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but there is increasing evidence that these drugs are effective also for the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The mechanism of action of PDE-5 inhibitors in the prostate, however, is poorly understood. It is conceivable that these drugs act by reducing the smooth muscle tone of the organ, but this effect could produce vascular changes as well. The aim of this study was to investigate whether administration of Tadalafil, a PDE-5 inhibitor, in patients with BPH produces haemodynamic changes in the prostate that can be assessed using contrast-enhanced US (CEUS).
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    Honestly, if you actually came here for real advice then the best route for you would be just to come off everything including trt. I'd only suggest that for someone like you because of your addictive personality and being highly obsessed with taking drugs.

    I can bet you if you were to do a proper cruise your trt dosage would go from "replacement" to "bodybuilder trt" right back to a supra-physiological dose in no time, regardless of what your blood work shows, which will result in even further health complications for you down the road.

    I assume you've finally dropped the tren, which is a great start because it was obviously f*cking up your life. Now forget the idea of running test, Anavar, hgh and sarms because you have f*cked up lipids and perma blasting will only make it worse. Once you've done that wait about 4-5 weeks to run your nolvadex and clomid.
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    Adding exogenous T would probably reduce finasteride effectiveness, merely because the ratio of T to finasteride increases, some T will probably get past the blockade, but it's probably not a whole lot.

    I didn't catch that SARMs are agonist for prostate tissue, I skimmed the article specifically looking for that, but didn't find it. If that's true it would remain at somewhat effective in the presence of exogenous T, though again, things like this tend to be influenced by the ratio of SARM to T. I'm curious how they found out that SARMs are agonist to prostate tissue, since I'm not aware of a study that supplemented both SARM and T (to combat the shutdown in production). Or maybe there's some other way to tease out that information.

    If SARMs are agonist in prostate tissue, then sounds like a great solution for someone blasting/cruising that has prostate issues.
  18. I dont think we will ever see a study of supraphysiological levels of testosterone vs Sarms to be honest.

    I also dont quite think it's a great idea..YET.
    It may be one day.
    But as of now I wouldn't suggest to anyone.
    Currently just some cool information.

    Anecdotally good for me, but we also react differently.
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    No. I didn't go from a TRT dose to a to "bodybuilder TRT" the last 3 times. It's very unlikely that I could ever recover HPTA after what I've done to my endocrine and I'm never going to attempt to.
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    RAD-140 improves cholesterol levels? I'm taking it!
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